Monday, April 30, 2007

Snore, Nod...

I mean, how could I have misplaced a Fowler/Young .22 scope? I never misplace anything...well, not for long, anyway. I've got this Ruger 10/22 Heavy Barrel Target that I'm supposed to shoot in California at the Ruger Rimfire Challenge this weekend, scope...sigh.

I've got a ratty Simmons 4X I can scavenge, may an old Tasco Pro-Point II if I can smack it on the side of hte bench and get it working again. One or the other will work, being as I don't have another choices. I only hope I can sight the thing in before I leave for the match. Both my Tactical Solutions Ruger pistol and my S&W M41 are at least sighted in, more or less. I guess that's something.

Hopefully, there'll be more time at the range now that it has stopped least for a little while. Not much you can do when the range appears swallowed up by a glacier.

Meetings all day tomorrow with premium video platform suppliers as we start planning to take DOWN RANGE to the next level. Also finalizing the plans for re-editing SG and COWBOYS.

Hands definitely full....


hazcat said...

Snow?? What's that? Is was 89 here yesterday! :)

Anonymous said...

NO! You need a Leupold from their custom shop. You know, the kind with the cool anodizing and splatter coat. You need an SG scope from them.

Jerry The Geek said...


It was another sunny day in Oregon.

And I've got this great 6x Leupold mounted on my .25-06, plus a 12x Leupold on the .22-250.

Stop by next time you're in the 'hood, I'd be happy to loan either to you for a week.

Oh, wait. They don't have Weaver mounts.