Friday, April 27, 2007

What Happens When You Do Carry a Gun on Campus?

Well, if you're a student at the renowned drinking-and-puking school of the University of Colorado in the People's Republic of Boulder, you get tagged with three felonies. From the Boulder Daily Camera:
A University of Colorado freshman arrested last week after police found a cache of weapons and ammunition in his dorm room was formally charged Wednesday with three felonies and one misdemeanor.

But an attorney representing Matthew Furnish said the student brought the weapons to the campus to go target-shooting with friends.

"This is not a Virginia Tech situation," said attorney Scott Robinson. "This is a personable, articulate young man with lots of friends."

Furnish, 19, couldn't store all his weapons with the police department because he'd been told space was limited, Robinson said after the charging hearing.

"They don't have acres of lockers; space is tight," he said.

But CU police said they don't turn away students who live in the dorms and want to store guns in the department's weapons cabinet — even if the space is full, said Cmdr. Brad Wiesley.
Gosh, I'll bet there's never been a case in the whole history of higher education where kampus kops lied to cover their own asses, has there? CU also suspended Furnish and banned him from campus — where he lives and eats.

This is a travesty. The shotgun was broken down, the handgun had a trigger lock and the ammo was stored separately. On the say of the VT shootings, Furnish had made prearrangements to head to the range after class. Yes, he made a mistake in storing the guns in his room, given that Boulder borders on the hysterical when it comes to guns, but keep in mind that CU is best known as a party school with an annual beer riot, where students who want beer beer beer set counches and mattresses on fire and dance in the street while the kampus kops studiously study their navels. Luckily, Boulder banned burnable outdoor furniture, goign straight to the heart of the problem.

It's a school with such a widespread drinking problem that new students are required to take a course in Alcohol Education. As the Cheap Seats blog says:
What other school would have a sex scandal, a while male political correctness "scandal", a financial mismanagement scandal, and a plagiarizing, fake Native American, professor speaking ill of the dead scandal all within the span of a year.
So CU has decided to cowboy up and fall on one solitary student...what it shows is that the University is an even bigger joke than most people in Boulder already think it is. What a waste of real estate!


Anonymous said...

It's also a school where public drug use without consequence is encouraged - no problem with attending a smoke-in on campus so long as it's marijuana.

TPME said...

Ok I missed something.....just what LAW did this fella break to be charged with felonies????

University regulations are not state laws...right?

Anonymous said...

When the Left coast, mushroom heads, take over your area common sense goes out the window, sad situation.

dagny said...

Here's a link to the best progun article I have ever seen:
I shows gun control made Scotland the most voilent country in the developed world.