Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fred Thompson on Gun Control

This from Dave Petzal over at Field & Stream:
My Fellow Americans:

I will be brief. Yesterday, I was contacted by a Mr. Paul Henke, who handles "new media" relations for Fred Thompson, the tallest Republican presidential candidate who is also an actor. Mr. Henke has sent us the following statement, which the Gun Nut is running as a public service. The statement is about the U.N.'s position on the individual ownership of guns:

"Last year, the United Nations Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights declared that international human rights law requires all nations to adopt strict gun control laws. These “minimum” provisions are much more restrictive than any of those on the books anywhere in the U.S. and would almost certainly violate the Second Amendment of our Constitution.
Thankfully, the Framers of our Constitution recognized this potential peril to our liberty, and enshrined in our Second Amendment the more basic right of self-defense. The U.N. can say what it likes about other countries’ citizens’ possession of small arms being a violation of human rights law, but so long as the United States is a sovereign nation governed by its Constitution, its words will have no effect here. And I am glad for it. "

My own feeling is that the U.N. would screw up the recipe for ice water. The U.N. could not break up a fight between a couple of girl scouts. The U.N. building would make an excellent high-rise apartment site. But I’m not running for president, Mr. Thompson is.
I'm 100% with Petzal on this!


Anonymous said...

And that, my friends, is why I am supporting Fred Thompson. Thank God he gets it because Rudy and Mitt ain't got a clue.

AEA said...

Works for me also!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Fred's campaign is continuing to go down the crapper. He has been one hell of a disappointment. He ain't gonna be the nominee folks. Get used to it.

Anonymous said...

And unfortunately you are wrong. His campaign continues to gain ground without even being kicked into high gear.

Of course, if you don't like guns or the second amendment then I can see why you might be ready to give up the ghost. But for those of us that want a president that will protect our rights we'll keep riding the Thompson bandwagon. Get used to that.

Anonymous said...

Thompson speaks a plain truth that is missing from others. When Romney or Guliani speaks about guns most of what they are saying comes across as insincere and less than truthful.

With a Democratic Congress we cannot afford a President that will sell out gun rights down the river. Romney never did guns owners any favors as Gov. of Massachusetts. And Rudy? He stood side-by-side with Sarah Brady to help sue gun makers. And let us not forget our close, personal friend John "shut down the gunshows" McCain.

Anonymous said...

Fred is gaining ground? What are you smoking? Fred is going nowhere fast.

Anonymous said...

Fred THhompson = Secure Gun Rights

Anonymous said...

I'm with Fred too. He's the only one the cares about firearms ownership who can win this race. We need to protect our rights like never before or we'll face a demo congress and a demo white house (or a republican who doesn't like us). We better start getting behind guys like Fred Thompson orwe might as well start planing on buying 10-rnd mags again and forget about ARs.

Get with the program and back Fred or join Sarah Brady.

Bohemian said...

FACT: Fred Thompson is a RINO (Republican in name only)

FACT: Fred Thompson has been out of politics over 5 years...

FACT: Fred Thompson has no executive experience.

FACT: Fred Thompson has sold America out on the second amendment many times, while hypocritically claiming to support it...

There is only ONE canidate whom has a perfect record supporting the second amendment; and as of 2007 has the highest combined rating of the NRA A+ and the GOA A- (the two biggest pro-gun lobbyists in the country if not the world) then ANY other canidate running for President; further, is the only canidate running for President with a CCW and the first Governor in the United States with a CCW; that Presidential canidate my friends is 4 term Governor Mike Huckabee!


A vote for Fred Thompson is a vote for underhanded gun-control...