Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mr. Dead Run Guy

Sorry for the el-weako posting! I have been in a dead run, commuting back and forth from the Denver airport, where, of course, I am now.

IDPA Nationals were excellent! My congratulations to Match Director Ted Murphy and his excellent crew. Listen to tomorrow's podcast at DOWNRANGE for more details.

Also had a productive meeting with USFS officials and representatives of the Town of Nederland yesterday. I can't make any announcements until we finish the summation, but it's mostly good.

Also also, I wanted to mention picking up the Rock Island Armory 1911 .45 ACP "Tactical" model, distributed by SARCO...looks great; locks up like a vault; has a four-pound no el-creapo trigger (I'm apparently in an "el-" mood this AM); comes with excellent sights, safties, grips, etc...at an MSRP of around $389! Yikes! Lemme put some rounds through it before I start ringing bells in churches, but I am very impressed!

The new DOWN RANGE Giveaway gun goes up tomorrow! The ULTIMATE RUGER 10/22, from Tactical Solutions, Leupold and Boyd Gunstocks!

Check it out...btw, am on Safari and unable to attach links...which is why they're missing...

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