Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Great Day Shooting!

Today my Sweetie and I did something we haven't done in almost three years — we went shooting on the USFS land closest to our home!

The POSTED signs are down, and we decided today would be a GREAT day to do some cowboy action shooting. I decided to stick to .22s to ramp my Sweetie back up, so I used two Ruger Single Sixes and a Henry Golden Boy .22 lever action rifle. We worked with Action Targets "Evil Roy" portable plates — world class targets! Easy to schlepp around; fun to shoot on.

We did basic drills with the lever gun and the pistol...just plain fun.

And it's about time!


gunman42782 said...

That is what it is all about, Mike!

Anonymous said...

Ahh the thrill of victory.

Hazcat said...

Goes to show ya, you CAN fight city hall... and WIN!

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Mr. Bane. Rock on.

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