Tuesday, October 09, 2007


...from a lovely long weekend in Taos and Santa Fe with my Sweetie!

Tomorrow, I'll regale you with complete meal listings for the great restaurants we hit.

In the meantime, I note that while I was gone the local kitty kat got sent to the Great Littlerbox in the Sky for snatching the wrong doggie:
Colorado wildlife officials are considering whether to recommend charges against a man who says he shot a mountain lion that was attacking his puppy. The shooting happened at about 1:30 a.m. Friday in a home near Gross Reservoir in Boulder County when the man was awakened by one of his dogs yelping outside. He grabbed a gun and went out to come face-to-face with a mountain lion. Jeremy Kocar said the cougar had his puppy in its mouth and was shaking it from side to side.

"I took the shot, and that was the end of it," Kocar told the Boulder Daily Camera.
Good job, Mr. Kocar! Only in a freakin' fantasyland like Boulder County would they even think about charging this guy with anything.

BTW, here's a list of most recent lion peskiness from the Boulder Camera and the Colorado Division of Wildlife:
There have been numerous mountain lion sightings, attacks and encounters in Boulder County this year.

Here are some:

Past week: Numerous residents living in the Nederland area reported dogs being attacked or killed by a mountain lion.

Sept. 27: A Nederland couple's 60-pound Australian shepherd was killed by a mountain lion.

Sept. 12-13: Multiple people reported seeing a mountain lion wandering in the area of 13th Street and Columbine Avenue in Boulder.

Sept. 2: A mountain lion killed a 15-year-old miniature horse seven miles west on Magnolia Road.

Aug. 29: A family's 7-year-old yellow Labrador was attacked by a mountain lion in northwest Boulder.

May 24: Wildlife officers killed a mountain lion in northwest Boulder after a resident reported the cougar in his backyard.

May 13: A couple's 16-pound cat, Big Guy, was killed by a mountain lion outside their home in the 3100 block of 11th Street.

April 12: Wildlife officers tranquilized a mountain lion caught feasting on a deer in north Boulder, in the 500 block of Kalmia Avenue.

Source: Camera archives and Division of Wildlife
I'll post when the Division os Wildlife decides whether to charge this homeowner or not. If they fine Kocar, I'll set up a tip jar to collect for his fine, because here is the simple truth...the "wilderness" ends at my property line. I like lions, but top-of-the-foodchain predators make spooky bedfellows.

Rather than a consciousness-raising seminar, which is what the resident nitwits will no doubt suggest, we need a limited hunting season on lions, to remind them who we are.


Kristopher said...

Dog and child hunting cougars are usually juveniles.

Adult cats want nothing to do with humans, can carve out large territories in remoter areas, and can hunt large game.

Juvenile cats get shoved into suburbs, and are too incompetent to kill anything larger than a pet or a small child.

You can recognize juvenile cat dens ... in rocky or hilly areas near housing tracts, with a bunch of half chewed dog legs littering the area below the den.

Even in moonbat central in the PDX-Vancouver area, the local DAs aren't going to even try to molest a homeowner for shooting a cougar prowling his yard.

You must have a special breed of Californicators out there in Boulder...

Dan said...

Apparantly Mr. Kocar is unfamiliar with the "Three-S" theory (Shoot, Shovel and Shut-up), no?

Anonymous said...

Wish I had known you were going to be in SF - I would have bought you a beverage.

Erich Martell