Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Red October!

Tomorrow is the big day for our first Internet gun launch with Big Red!

You're definitely going to want to hit DOWN RANGE and check it out first thing tomorrow! It's pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

Just got back from a thoroughly pleasant day with Bill Wilson at his home in Arkansas...yeah, nothing like a sucky day of shooting premium 1911s on Bill's home range! He and Joyce whipped up a great dinner for me, what was above and beyond the call...thanks, guys! And thanks to all the staff of Wilson Combat, which allowed us to once again cause havoc at the plant! Definitely another set of thanks are in order.

The night before I had dinner in Eureka Springs with my old friend (and regular Blog commenter) Guy Neill, who now works for Bill and who is one of the great living authorities on baked beas at BBQ joints. Always great to catch up with Guy, and you'll get to see him since we put him on camera for SG! It was cool at dinner because I got to sign a couple of gun bags (WIlson's, of course) from SG fans.

Am home for a long stretch now, which gives me a chance to continue the massive overhaul/clean-up of the gun room — you could eat off the floor of Bill's reloading room; you can't even find the floor of mine! — and give me a chance to catch up on gun tests.

And — OH JOY OH JOY OH JOY!!! — I need to install the new L&R Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning System! I believe it will make me a better person, as well as save wear and tear on the dishwasher...


Guy N said...

It was good Bar-B-Q - and, while not the best beans ever - they were good.

I enjoyed seeing you again.


DonWorsham said...

Pecos strawberries!!

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