Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Darn! A Cool Little Gun!

The MasterPiece Arms Mac-10 based Tactical Rifle in .45 malfunctions...and heck , you can't get the darn thing to miss!

I wanted to add a couple of notes when I got back to the hotel...yes, the little beastie is heavy, but I'm not planning on schlepping it across Afghanistan. I'm thinking of more of a home defense's short, handles easily, and I think the .45 ACP is a superior home defense round to a 7.62 (and yes, I have a FAL) unless you really really don't like your neighbors!

And say what you's MADE IN AMERICA, and that still counts for something with me. I also like that it comes with a natty little red dot sight, a white light and mount and a vertical foregrip if you want to use it.

In the end, this was a little gun we all had fun shooting...heck, we shot it until we ran out of .45 ACP! I've never been one to play the, "Yes, but it's not a..." game. Things are what they are...if I was stuck in my bedroom with this little MasterPiece rifle and 4 or 5 magazines with 160-gr Corbon DPX .45s, I'm pretty sure I'd be okay...

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Robb Allen said...

*I* couldn't get the thing to miss? Do you not remember my shooting at Blackwater?

Anonymous said...

Interesting concept. Unfortunately I read that it weighs 9.75 lbs empty! For comparison, that is a pound heavier than a standard 21" FAL, which is few people's idea of a handy carbine. Add thirty .45 ACP cartridges to that weight, and you'd basically have a railroad tie with a pistol grip.

A Beretta Storm CX4 carbine weighs FOUR POUNDS less than the Masterpiece, is accurate, and accepts 17 round magazines in .40 S&W.

Yes, the Masterpiece is cheaper and takes 30 rounders. However, I would have a hard time overlooking the weight.

Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{> said...

I like mine!

Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Gromulin said...

HA! My Marlin Camp-45 weighs about 5 pounds, takes 1911 Mags and is so damn simple, theres just not much that CAN break. Always liked having a pistol and carbine that share magazines and ammo.

Good job on discontinuing the Camp carbines, Marlin (RIP)