Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Me & the Big Buff

Things went great at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center today...Curator Warren Newman of the Cody Firearms Museum is a walking encyclopedia of gun trivia, and that's my definition of a good day! I'm thinking of having a 1450s-vintage hand cannone made and see if I can shoot through a suit of armor...that's more of a SHOOTING GALLERY than a COWBOYS. My Sweetie wants to see a show on blunderbusses:
Hard to argue with, to be sure. 

BTW, I've seen some stuff on the web that the low turnout of the Second Amendment March was the fault of the NRA...not so. There were a lot of issues that contributed to the low turnout, not the least of which was that event was on a Monday workday and it followed the Tea Party Tax Day events the previous week. The event got good press, and noted by Snowflakes in Hell, and as such was actually a success. I agree with Sebastian...lay of the blame game.


KMitch200 said...

see if I can shoot through a suit of armor..that's more of a SHOOTING GALLERY than a COWBOYS

That sounds more Best Defense than Shooting Gallery. ;)

Tim Covington said...

I also think part of the problem is most active Second Amendment supporters are at a point in their lives where they have more than full time jobs and families. I know I just didn't have the time and money (I work a job with no paid vacation time) to go across the country.
As to the state efforts, I never heard one word about the Texas Second Amendment March from the Texas State Rifle Association (the only state organization I know of in Texas).
Though, we did have our governor acting like an idiot to kick off a NASCAR race.

Robert said...

Every crook in the country either lives in or visits DC who wants to go someplace like that unarmed it's like carrying a sign MUG ME FIRST.

iainmcphersn said...

A Shooting Gallery episode on the tactical evolution of blunderbusses would be cool. From the coach guns of the 16-1700's to stagecoach guns, to the Ithaca auto burglar and whippet guns, on to the Serbu's and breaching guns of today.

There would be plenty of information for a couple of shows.

Tim Covington made a good point that it's hard to get conservatives out to protest because they're at work.

Thanks for all you're doing!

Anonymous said...

You know, I had a boss once that was one hell of a good man and of great wisdom. He was a great leader and we'd follow him into any corporate battle. We all worked, at the time, at a Fortune-4 company and we all had to know what we were doing and how to work with people to get things done. We also had to work with all kinds of people, just as we all encounter in the real world. One of his favorite descriptions of the kind of people that criticize everything, but offer no real value to the equation was: "Those are the kind of people that shit in their own nests". I can't think of a better descritpion for the constant critics of the NRA, especially if they come from inside "the community", our community.
Nuff said.
Life Member

seeker_two said...

You know what would look good with that outfit....a pair of Olathe purple-and-orange cowboy boots..... :)