Monday, April 19, 2010

Grinding to a Halt...

...for the evening. Am tired, not to mention a 4:15AM call for tomorrow...

I think my talk went well — I certainly wish it was to a bigger crown, but things are what they are. My focus was on Gun Culture Ver. 2.0, which was boistered this AM by the newest NSSF poll:
The first comprehensive survey to look at ownership and use of modern sporting rifles reveals that 8.9 million Americans went target shooting with AR-style rifles in 2009 and that participants using this type of rifle were the most active among all types of sport shooters.
"These findings underscore that modern sporting rifles are becoming commonplace in America and are among the most desired firearms by sport shooters," said Steve Sanetti, president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, trade association of the firearms industry. "Those who want to ban these civilian sporting rifles simply because they look like military rifles must acknowledge after seeing this study that AR-style rifles are exceedingly popular with millions of Americans. These rifles are our industry's high-tech, cutting-edge product -- rugged, accurate, versatile, fun to shoot and easily accessorized -- and they're here to stay."
Not a surprise to us, certainly, but glad to see it coming from NSSF.

Also — and I can't go into this just yet — there is very positive movement from the industry on allocating Pittman-Robertson funds specifically for range development. I brought this subject up today and got great response, so I think the fledgling industry initiative is very timely. There are also some very specific legislative remedies that are available to us, but I'd rather see the industry step up and lead.

Finally, the Remington 1911-R1 is now at least announced, in this issue of SHOOTING TIMES, a sort of GI version with a $699...looks like a nice pistol (I especially like the nubby vintage thumb safety and the classic diamond walnut grips). I should have one in my hands within the next few weeks, even if it's only for a limited time. We'll get it up on DRTV very quickly.


Awtha said...

I spent most of the 19th in vain trying to find news about the 2nd Amend march both on the idiot box & the PC to absolutely no avail.
It’s true that the “4th estate” is inconsequential, for all intents & purposes nothing but a mouth piece for everything UNconstitutional. This of course includes your precious FOX network.

Michael Bane said...

My precious Fox?


DamDoc said...

I think the 2nd Amendment march should have been combined with the topless marches we have been having here in Maine.. then sombody would have shown up!.. next one scheduled in the college town of Farmington, Maine at 1PM on April 29.. god i love when folks protest such things! The lack of participation likly means that most gun owners have to work for a living to pay off their habit..

Also, fox news isnt perfect, but they sure are a sight better than aBS, nBS, and cBS! Id rather hear bret than katie any day!

Anonymous said...

With you in sprit but no funds for trip.Biz is slow right now with don't drill here & cap tax worry in the oil patch.RUPERT not MURDOCH
is still FOX last I heard.
Ask Hannity for latest info.


Anonymous said...

i was able to make it out yesterday, i was a little bit disappointed by the turnout but i was lucky enough to live in the area and be able to take a day off. i can understand people needing to work and not having the funds for a trip. still enjoyed the speeches and meeting michael yesterday and just being around others with the same mindset as myself.

Anonymous said...

Nah, Remington isn't really getting into the 1911 market, not when their annual production capacity is *only* 4000 units. That's 16 guns per eight hour work day, if the union in Ilion doesn't have a snow day.

Anonymous said...

I also could not get off work. What little mention I found in the media was overshadowed by the Va. gathering where they actually carried guns!!
I did ask around if anyone knew what was happening on that day. No one did, and one asked, "What's the second amendment?" SIGH!

Cargosquid said...

I posted video of your talk at United Conservatives of Virginia.

Wanted to email you about it, but, didn't see a contact spot. Sorry if I missed it.

Tim Burke said...

Thanks for making the effort to show up and speak. I enjoyed your presentation... but then, I always do. You know the NRA will be in my backyard.