Monday, August 26, 2013

3-Gun Breaks Into Mainstream

From Frank Miniter at NRO, the Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun:
Yeah, no doubt about it, if some top-secret government program is spying on these folks with cameras attached to little drones, its agents are seeing a lot of good people having a hell of a time. Microphones would pick up range officers preaching safe shooting. Cameras would show competitors who know the NRA rules of gun safety. As President Obama watched and listened, he’d find out why sport shooting these days is safer than riding a bicycle. He’d see people from all over America — normal people who pay taxes and have families, and who you’d never guess were into 3-gun — enjoying a night out among friends. He’d find that this segment of society is rarely in the headlines because they shoot safely and don’t commit crimes. 
Nevertheless, 3-gun is a sport President Obama wants to ban...
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Anonymous said...

The only nit I would pick is that the author included Mickel Bane with "normal" people.
I read "Over the Edge", any one who takes a kayak over a waterfall for fun is NOT normal ! LOL
Tom Bogan
Laconia NH

Tim/GA said...

Imagine what they would have seen if they spying on us at "The Rock" this past weekend (who knows, maybe they were!). By last count there were 275 Amateurs and 283 Pros shooting for a total of 558! Last I heard them say, there were more than 60 in "Babes with Bullets" group and far more female competitors. A group of Wounded Warriors competed, there were families all around and many others seemed to come out to spectate and try out the side matches.
I shot the worst I have in the 3 ProAms and was 5th to last in the random draw for the prize table but I had a blast! (and cannot complain, I was dead last the first year but won and AR last year)