Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What We Bring With Us

RE: comments on the last post , I suspect that whether it's a hunt, a match, an "adventure," or a family vacation, the most important thing is something you bring with you, and that is an open mind. When I was a professional journalist, it wasn't unusual for an editor to ask me in advance of a trip "what the story was." My response was always that I didn't know, that the story wouldn't tell me what it was until I was in the field.

I have an idea of how Africa is going to go...we've put a huge amount work into putting this trip together...but once we're on the ground the trip will definite itself. Like Larry, I want to know everything...I obsessively collect information. As for shooting, we'll see. 

Spent the day standing in the rain at the range...I feel like I've been in the wash cycle for a few hours!

Am still processing the Oklahoma killing. I've said before that I think the mainstream culture is irrevocably broken, as if some fundamental "humanness" has been sectioned out and replaced with an emptiness that can never be filled.


John said...

The Oklahoma shooting reminds me of Stanley Kubrick's movie A Clockwork Orange, just some droogs out for some ultra-violence...

Jerry from upstate New York said...

Just going through the Internet news. CNN,ABC and USA today did not mention the killing. All three ran stories of the school shooting. ONLY fox had a video of another progressive lib dem wanting "more gun control".

Where is Jessie,al, his lordship Cuomo and "he would look like me" our very own berry!,,
And let's not forget the black female politician in the cowboy hat saying " he was shot down like a rabid dog". Where is she on this kids execution ??

Anonymous said...


You are so right. This is a cultural thing. It is not a "gun" thing! The only main-stream media coverage that I have heard about the incident reverts to calling it "gun violence". The exception has been Fox News and "Excellence in Broadcasting" Network.

On "O'Relly" yesterday evening, he presented that it is a cultural problem. Kirsten Powers, a "Democrat Strategist"*, who was on to discuss the incident also, countered that "...if they didn't have a gun, the people would be alive today". Horse_____! If they didn't have a gun, they could have run their victim over with the car and probably would have. They could have hacked him to death. They could have done any number of other effective things that still effectively kill people and that we also hear about. After all, more people are murdered with knives and blunt instruments than guns. (According to FBI crime stat's.)

These killings are a product of a segment of culture that is always present. At times, especially during these times, the level rises to an almost epidemic level because the rest of the population allows it and even condones it. We have seen examples of people driving cars into crowds, stabbing and hacking others and beating them to death; maiming people with a baseball bat and all of the examples of terrorism that go on. All of these examples are caused by the "glory" that the perp' feels in carrying out the act. Unless we denounce that behavior and "contain" the violators, we will continue to see this all go on.

Life Member

* Any kind of political "strategist": a. k. a.: A "person" without any other visible means of support.

Rastus said...

Nothing to process really. Evil does exist and progressive socialists/communists swim in the blood of innocents to achieve their goals.

Progressive thought, policy and directions has produced a society that they want to blame on something else...our guns.

If everyone was just a sheep...there would exist then a place called Nirvana.

_DonWorsham_ said...

Pith helmet

kmitch200 said...

LM wrote: they could have run their victim over with the car and probably would have. They could have hacked him to death

Just like the scumbags did in formerly great Britain in May.
Somehow in the libtard lizard brain, getting run over and hacked to death with a machete is "better" and morally superior to getting shot.

Anonymous said...

Leapold and Loeb tortured and murdered a 14 y/o kid just to see if they could commit a "perfect" crime.
That was 1924.
The number of such incidents may be rising, but with the rising population the rate is actually falling.
Simple fact is , some of the monkey's are broken.
Tom Bogan
Laconia NH

Obiwan said...

I guess Kirsten Powers never heard of an "assault baseball bat".

Ursavus said...

I am amazed at the lamenting of violence, intolerance, and inflicting of suffering present in our modern world. Things were so much better 15,000 years ago when rival tribes/clans would lure whole other groups into traps on the side of cliffs and then force them off. Or, back when the Roman people would pay money to enter the Colosseum to watch humans butcher other humans and to watch captive wild animals stalk and eat captive humans. Or when bands of white men wearing sheets would assemble in front of the humble shacks of black families and shout and shoot and burn crosses. Yeah, polite society was so much more, well, polite back then.

My point: since when have human beings been universally kind to all other human beings?

Jerry from upstate New York said...

Or beat a WWII vet to death?

As Michelle Malkin said " where are the left gun grabbers now?"no guns were used!

Bubblehead Les. said...

There"s a saying I've heard in regards to Planning: "Plan the Event, not the Outcome."

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