Monday, August 05, 2013

Margarita Monday!

A simple one (Corazon Reposada, Grand Marnier and lemon/lime juice) and grilled salmon with soy and wasabi. Perfect end to a podcast day! I focused on cowboy stuff today, pulling lessons from High Noon and The Shootist. I spent a little time working on the CT Midnight 3-Gun AR, the Daniel Defense DDM4,  changing out the charging handle and mounting the Aimpoint, a Comp M4. Tomorrow I'll put in a Timney triggerand the new comp/flash hider. Hopefully some trigger time tomorrow afternoon.

Interesting story on THE FIREARM BLOG on H-K in Germany producing a couple of variants of semiauto MP5s that might, just might, be importable into the U.S. Semiauto MP5s were available for a time in the U.S. I think they'll sell like popcorn.

Sebastian and Bitter at SHALL NOT BE QUESTIONED are doing a magnificent job of explaining the antigun propaganda document that has been unearthed (here, here and here). Please read their posts! I'm pretty behind on a lot of this swamped trying to get the shows filmed. BTW, GUN STORIES is the top Wednesday night show (again) and I believe the top show on OUTDOOR CHANNEL. Considering there's new management at OC, I'd say that's a good thing.

I have to show you this picture from our THE BEST DEFENSE filming a couple of weeks ago. It's a date rape scenario with Mike Seeklander as the raper and his girlfriend as the victim. We'd finished filming when Janich and I suggested one more final shot, the dead girl shot, with Seeklander walking away and casual kicking the "body."

Janich's and my goal was a "set piece" that looked like the poster for a slasher movie...we pretty much succeeded, I think. Everyone on the room thought this was a profoundly disturbing scenario. That means it works!

Just got  notice that my Ruger #1 in 45-70 is on the way home. As much as I love my 450/400 3-inch, it is less than practice to shoot. The 45-70 seems like a good choice to add to the battery.

And, yes, I WILL finish THE NEW SURVIVAL GUNS this year!!!!!


George said...

I double-dog dare you to play "Reach Out of the Darkness" by Friend and Lover on your podcast...

Scott H said...

Congratulations on "Gun Stories"! It's undoubtedly one of my favorite shows. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I think that "Gun Stories" is a class-act and so is Joe Montegna.

On the Ruger side: Please, please please Ruger, bring back the Number 3 carbine in .44 and/or ,45-70. You might even look at making it a swithch-barrel gun. I'll bet that you'd sell a million of them.

Life Member

Michael Bane said...

I haven't thought about "Reach Out in the Darkness" for years! "I think it's so groovy now that people are finally gettin' together..." LOL! Thanks!

Anon, I also think it would be groovy to see Ruger reintroduce the Number 3 in 45-70 and .44 Magnum, or even 30-30 (I think they did a very few in 30-30 years back). I always though the #3 was a cool little rifle.

And THANK YOU for the kind words on GS. Joe is indeed a class act, and he has become a good friend. More than this you can't ask.


Sheepdog1968 said...

Hi Michael,
Disturbing videos work. I wished there was another way. My wife was a country gal and shot a fair bit as a kid (had to kill the critters eating the family crops). Though she enjoys shooting (part of why I maried her), she hasn't been overly keen on taking formal classes. That nanny cam video that hit the news about a month or two ago changed her attitude. Seeing a a young mom with two kids being violently beaten up while she was completely passive and compliant with the burgler did it. She now wants me to take her out to specifically work on the home defense firearms. She is happily looking forward to taking some classes. I'm lucky that Loui Awerbuck comes to our area quite a bit so she will likely get her initial pistol, shotgun, and rifle training from him. Again, I'm sorry she had to see this horrific video on the news to motivate her to the next level but it works.

chefmossy said...

Michael picture is very Disturbing it should lead to a bunch of emails for you

John Block said...

I hate to say this, but Seeklander makes a good skell....scary as shit!

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