Saturday, August 03, 2013

It's Saturday & I Don't Have to Work...

...much. There is a chance, a teensy-tiny chance, that I can get to the range this afternoon to do a little AR  and cowboy revolver work. Otherwise, I'll just tinker and reload. I got one of the TSD Kompressor muzzle brakes, so I'll throw that on an AR today...I'm curious about how it will work. TSD claims it'll work both as a flash hider and a compensator. I'd rather run a flash suppressor than a comp at Crimson Trace, but heck, at the level I shoot at I don't suppose it'l matter one bit! LOL! I've pretty much standardized on the TSD magazines for day-to-day shooting, BTW. Glad I had plenty when Governor John "Gee Mr. Bloomberg...can I wear long pants today?" Hickenstoopid's magazine ban went into effect!

Also, thanks to my friends at Crimson Trace for their email blast promoting the CT "Laser's Edge" video:

After you get the great "Laser's Edge" video, you can learn more from my Panteao "Make Ready with Michael Bane — Concealed Carry" video.

Couple of good reads for you today. Once again, my friend Ron Larimer at WHEN THE BALLOON GOES UP has been doing a series of posts on why competition is good for you. You all know I'm a big proponent of competition for a number of reasons, first and foremost the concept of "stress inoculation." Yes, a competition is false aren't going to die if you drop points. But repeated exposure to lower levels of stress "inoculates" you against higher stress, such as when your actual ass is on the line. Stress inoculation was a critical learning point when I was training for high-risk "adventures." My trainers repeatedly used false stress (and taught me how to integrate it into my own training) while I was getting ready to do something with a high consequence from failure.

There is actually a lot of learning theory suggesting that a level of stress/fear helps in learning (here's one of many...little bit different spin here). When I first started reading about enhanced learning when stress/fear chemicals were present, it made perfectly good sense to me from a evolutionary standpoint. What are the lessons you — or your very ancient ancestors — needed to learn 100%? I submit the lessons that have a direct effect on your ability to go on living...saber-toothed tiger scary...must avoid! Or kill.

On a slightly similar note, Kathy Jackson over at CORNERED CAT has a great piece on "Dying of Embarrassment:"
Criminals, especially predatory criminals, make a living by reading people. In order to stay alive and stay out of jail, they learn to watch the signals other people send. They literally gamble their lives and their freedom on choosing the “right” people to attack—people who will be good victims and follow the script the criminal has prepared. One important part of that script includes you, the good person, following little social rules even when those rules narrow your choices and finally trap you in a dangerous situation you could easily have escaped otherwise. Don’t fall for it!
Read the whole thing!

Gotta go disassemble old computers to "sanitize" the hard drives with a sledge hammer!


clark myers said...

I would have thought flash suppression the priority as it can be without lights - though some say flash can be a useful light by itself. Please expand on flash in a night shoot with open and high powered lights.

Agreed the Panteo video is a keeper. I don't mean to damn it with faint praise but it's true - it was better than I expected and truly first rate. I'll be suggesting it belongs in everybody's library. If asked I would have suggested more visual emphasis on control the muzzle that is don't laser casually in the demonstration of off body carry Safepacker and gun purses and such.

It's certainly not bad and no worse and likely better than I would do it myself but still it could have been emphasized more and done no harm.

Michael Bane said...

On a couple of the prone shots last year I remember thinking I wish I had a flash hider instead of a comp, not that it would have bought me enough time to matter.

Thank you on the kind words for the video. One strives for 100%, but we always fall short...I like the .22 video, which Tom Yost and I arranged to release at the PERFECT WRONG TIME!!! LOL!


DamDoc said...

Dreams... beavers eating leg while inspecting new home... my interpretation is the beaver eating your leg is Colorado's egredious gun laws... you are subconsciously questioning staying in Colorado.. CHANGE YOUR PLANS NOW!!! MOVE TO Wyoming (no state taxes)... my wife and I are considering all the no income tax states... trying to find galtville....

DamDoc said...

Thats income taxes

Sheepdog1968 said...

Hi Michael,
I completely agree regarding the stress innoculation. The only time I short stroked my home defense pump shotgun was in a training class. It was an eye opener as I'd been shotting it a lot and it wasn't my first training class with it. I've found other ways to add a bit of stress. Train with a buddy and a shot timmer and do some drills (obviously be safe). Worked for me as well. Keep up the good work. I hear that Cylons (maybe next thing to replace Zombies) are mostly out at night so be careful during the night shoot if you see a red dot moving back and forth.

Nick Brower said...

Based off of listening to your latest podcast, Michael, does this mean you might be taking a look at building the new secret hidden bunker over some red dirt here in Oklahoma!?

We would love to have you brother Bane! Plus it would be a great time to stick it to Governor Hickenstoopid because Oklahoma's gun rights are heading in the OPPOSITE way (the right way) as Colorado's!

Keep up the great work either way, Mr. Bane!