Monday, August 19, 2013

Working Like a Crazed Hamster in a Wheel!

But the podcast is finished!

And I like it, which is pretty good. Finished up with some Abney Park steampunk, which makes me happy.

Heres an article at JERKING THE TRIGGER on red dot sights vs. 1X mag optics that everyone should read. This is an excellent article, and it will really help you understand how the two things work. Once again, the Aimpoint CompM4 was magnificent at Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun!

I'm also now frantically setting up for Africa ...and yes, I'll publish my checklist, which is more or less the same checklist as my friend Tim Wegner, the founder of Blade Tech and a master African hunter.

The wild dogs cry out in the night
As they grow restless longing for some solitary company
I know that I must do what's right
As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti...
Sigh... not enough hours in the just imagine that you will have all this time on the gun, dinking this and changing that...but it just doesn't work out that way. I know how to pull the trigger (I hope). I am going to spend some time next week with my good friend Ed Head at GUNSITE and do the last dialing in.

Low-end Steiner binocs; Leupold 800i rangefinder; Leupold 2-12X FireDot; Hornady 165-gr International; Ruger Guide Gun .300 Win Mag; Galco Safari Ching Sling, small Cold Steel knife...pray for surf! LOL!

Am really excited about this week's podcast...lemme know what you think!


nj larry said...

Wondering if you've gone over Kevin Robertson's book on African game shot placement and The Comprehensive Guide to Tracking by Cleve Cheney?

Anonymous said...

You only need to be able to do two thing on any guided hunt.

1)Keep up with the guide.
2)Hit what you shoot at on the first shot in the vital area.

+1 on shot placement on African game. It's different than a North American game.

Good hunting.

nj larry said...

Well Anon...if that is all there is to a hunt I wouldn't have spent as much as I did. I'd save the money and go on a canned hunt in Texas.

IMHO a hunt in Africa or elsewhere is an intense learning experience. An outdoor classroom. I want to know more when I come home than I did when I started out. I question the guide and trackers (if I can communicate with them) about everything. From bugs to grasses to the game. I want to know about the indigenous peoples. When, how, what, why etc.

I start out by understanding the regions geography, soil, flora and fauna to politics. I try to bring as much to the hunt as I can. That means I have to prepare.

Anonymous said...

NJ Larry,

Please read my comments again.


That is not what you should take away from a hunt.

I have seen too many people who can't shoot wound game or miss their chance at game. I have seen to many people show up out of shape and can't walk more than 500 yards with out stopping. I had guy go on a 14 day horseback trip who told me he couldn't ride a horse. I've sighted in dudes rifles because they didn't quit screwing with their gear choices till they jumped on the plane.

Yes there are lots of things to enjoy beside killing things but it's not going to be enjoyable if you can not do your part on the hunt. Otherwise ride around in the truck and take pictures but that is not hunting.

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