Saturday, October 01, 2005

Joss Whedon is God...

Went and saw SERENITY this weekend.

It's what REVENGE OF THE SITH might have been if someone had hidden George Lucas' thorazine — a rip-roaring funny-as-hell space opera, from the pen of the sainted Joss Whedon, creator of the Buffy-verse. The man can write dialogue like there's no tomorrow. Essentially, Serenity is the movie version of the short-lived Firefly series, which I never saw for some reason — odd, since I saw every freakin' episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for five years. I just remedied that, thanks to the miracle of Amazon.

One of the cool things about Whedon's writing, as my Sweetie has noted, like Buffy, all Joss Whedon's women kick ass. Even the hookers will shoot you.

But the reason that the readers of THIS blog need to drop what they're doing is the GUNS of Serenity. Mr. Whedon is a closet gun person, and it shows...ripping through space with a Mare's Leg Winchester 92 shortie and a M97 Trench Broom with a laser; you got your usual space stuff, and you got a huge collection of MP-5s of various flavors.

I loved this movie!

Here's the Serenity thread from The High Road gun forums; there's also a thread on the guns of Firefly.

Read this review in Slate, then go to the movies today instead of hanging around the house watching crappy football or cleaning your admitedly filthy firearms. Trust me; you'll be happier. This is a science fiction movie for grown-ups.


Anonymous said...

A most enjoyable movie.

Anonymous said...

Not a comment on the flick, just want to tell you this: on the S&W website, new products page, a four inch 625 w/titanium cylinder!!! i check this page daily, and this was just added. Hoooyaaaa.

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