Saturday, October 22, 2005

Just In Case of RHINO Charge!

So I'm here in the No-Tell Motel in Uvalde, TX, filming a couple of episodes of COWBOYS. One of those episodes is on master cowboy holstermaker Mike Kirkpatrick in Laredo. I decided to bring him a gun to make a holster for — an old Seville 5-shot single action in .454 Casull. In fact, the Seville was the first production .454. Mine was a gift from my pal Hank Williams Jr. a thousand or so years ago; a couple of years ago I had the gun completely overhauled (barrel shortened, everything checkout out, bead-blasted finish, action job) from master'smith Dave Clements at Clements Custom Guns. It's bigger than a Super Blackhawk, however, and so it needs a custom holster.

Since I absolutely refuse to be in Texas without a LOADED GUN, I grabbed a plastic case of ammo for the single action and tossed it in my luggage. Since it was early, I ended up with 350-grain absolute screamers designed as Big Medicine For Bear Country. Perfect for self-defense! If I'm attacked tonight by a road grader, it's meat...


AlanDP said...

I would not be surprised if you got a chance at a wild hog. They are just about overrunning the whole country around here (southernish Texas).

Anonymous said...

Just a question... Since Texas prohibits open carry except for peace officers, how do you conceal a piece that big?

Anonymous said...

The above question prompted me to look at the Texas website.
All I can say is:
You guys got *SCREWED* on your CCW law.

1. Have to qualify with a certain type of weapon.
2. A simple address change costs $25.
3. Can't even carry a stick. (really limits your less than lethal options)
4. Switchblades - more properly termed automatic knives - are verboten, as are knives that can open with gravity or centrifical force. Which begs the question, who gives a s**t HOW it opens?? Isn't it more pertinent how it's USED once it's opened?

Hey at least you got the law...but I'm sorry. Us folks in AZ, have more freedom to choose what to carry and where WITHOUT a CCW than Texans do WITH a CCW permit.

I hope you are successful in getting some of this dumb stuff changed.


Michael Bane said...

I concealed it in a Ford 150, the only thing large enough for it.

Now I'm in Arizona with a Henry rifle, concealed in another truck.

Maybe I'm in a rut.


Unknown said...

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