Monday, October 24, 2005

Lucy Lawless, Vampire Bats & GUNSITE

Am I the only one who can't wait to see Lucy Lawless in VAMPIRE BATS on CBS this Sunday? Xena goes batty! All right, I'll stop! I love bat movies, though.

I did have a great time at Kirkpatrick Leather filming an episode of COWBOYS. Mike and Jason Kirkpatrick do fantastic work, made all the better after my sour experience with El Paso Saddlery. They're also nice guys. Kirkpatrick is what custom leather is supposed to be. I can't way to see the holster they're putting together for the .454 Casull; they got started on it when I was there. Basically a Threeperson-styled crossdraw.

I've got the rest of the week at GUNSITE in the 350 pistol class sponsored by S&W, with us filming on Friday for SG. We'll be working with S&W 1911s, I assume. I brought along a Blade-Tech vertical Kydex holster, an ancient Davis double mag pouch and a Wilderness Tactical belt. It'll be fun, and quite honestly, I need the tune-up with a semiauto. I've been on a revolver binge for the last few weeks, but I figure shooting a 1911 is like riding a'll come right back to me. Or else I'll suffer the Halloween Curse of Jeff Cooper, which will cause my follower to nose-dive, my recoil spring to go limp and and my magazine to fail to fully seat.