Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Little Nazi In Us All

You know, I can occasionally go months without remembering I live in Boulder County, known nationwide as "The People's Republic of Boulder." We are, after all the community where by city ordinance we must refer to pets as "companion animals" and pet owners as "guardians." Boulder has its own nuclear policy (NO!), has banned circuses, although no group of clowns — with the exception of the councilpeople themselves — has been through Boulder since the 1930s. We are four-square against genital mutilation of women (I wonder how many urban communities are in favor of genital mutilation of women?), against the war in Iraq nand/or any other war that involves agents of democracy against human vermin, and, of course, definitely against hate.

Accordingly, last week, Boulder launched it's very own Anti-Hate Hotline:
BOULDER - The Human Relations Commission on Monday night allocated $8,000 so a private group can start an anti-hate hot line, which encourages residents to telephone if they have been victims of discrimination or witnessed it.
Think of it — finally, we have a place to report our neighbors, our family, or even total strangers if we witness them doing something, or saying something, racist, sexist, ageist, genderist, humanocentric or against our Beloved Brothers in Space Who Will Show Us the Way as soon as They land! This is wonderful news!

I'm hoping that Boulder's teachers, who have already shunned Dead Europen Males and all that crappy literature written by the punks and thieves who founded this mysogenistic, racist, genocidal society that we live in, will help our children understand that it is right and societally proper to turn in parents or even grandparents for even the slightest slur against even the most obscure Society of Victims. And it's important that we expand that Society of Victims, because Boulder is 95% pure-D lilly white, a town with few minorities and lots of "Celebrate Diversity" bumperstickers.

Perhaps over the door of our schools, our public buildings — except, of course, the library, which we will soon be referring to as, "the Public Barbecue Pit" — and our new "Anti-Hate Orientation Camps" we can inscribe something appropriate to inspire us all. I'm voting for:
Arbeit Macht Frei
Work Leads to Freedom!
Here's a good example! quickly we forget, and how blindly we follow! If you don't want to have to use the protections of the Second Amendment, you need to unconditionally and unequivocally protect the First Amendment! There is no such thing as "hate speech;" there are only words you don't agree with!

And, yes, Jon Benet Ramsey is still dead and her killers are still free. First things first!


Anonymous said...

How about my favorite Orwell line,
"All animials are created equal"

Anonymous said...

I think Orwell also said: "That rifle hanging on the wall of the working-class flat or laborer’s cottage is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there."

Mao Zedong said a similar thing about all power extending from the barrel of a gun. Then he took away people's guns and oppressed them.

Anonymous said...

some days your blog gives me a chill. I appreciate that! Nik.

Anonymous said...

Can we use the hotline to report acts of hate against gun owners? Can we report liberals criticizing us and calling us names. This offends me and hurts deeply and I feel we should all just get along. I plan to call. Can you post the number?

Anonymous said...

Michael, speaking of the "celebrate diversity" crowd, I think any gun owner who lives in Boulder should have one of these shirts:

FD in AL

Michael Bane said...

FD...I already have a "Celebrate Diversity" gun t-shirt, which I wear to the fashionable and upscale Flatirons Athletic Club, where I work out.

As soon as Boulder puts up the HATE-LINE number, I'll publish it on the blog, because I am SICK AND TIRED of "hate speech" directed toward gun owners! Remember, "GUN NUTS" is no different than the N-word!!! Let's all of us join hands and let the sunshine in!


Unknown said...

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