Thursday, December 11, 2008

Range Time!

Spent some time yesterday at the really super Front Range Gun Club in Loveland, CO, with the Para USA GI Expert and my second Para 9mm Lt. Commander.

Good news first-the $599 GI was fiercely accurate with WW 230-gr ball. At 7 yards it was 150 rounds into 2 ragged in the "upper B zone" head and the other center mass.

Bad news was I had a series of new gun problems - FTFs (1 per mag, roughly), and hammer follow (1 per 3 mags). I suspect those are break in issues...I took the gun out of the bag, oiled it and started shooting. At about 120 rounds I started getting light primer strikes.

I'm going to be talking to the Para engineers next T&E gun is literally the first one out there and they sent it to me for evaluation.

Bottom line? Hey, it's under $600 bucks! Lemme see what the engineers say , and I'll follow up with another session.

OTOH, the 9mm alloy frame Lt Commander was boringly runs, no hits, no errors. I was shooting WW ball and 123-gr Fiocci truncated cone stuff. The Fiocci with it's weird nose occasionally required a gentle touch when lowering the slide on a new mag, but shot extremely well. I forgot to bring the hot CorBon stuff...sorry!

Bottom line? I think I'll keep this one! Maybe shoot minor at the Single Stacks so I can be an object of derision.

You know, the more I shoot these low-end 1911s, the greater déjà vu I feel - it's 1978 all over again! FTF? Hammer follow? Hmmmmm...that sounds strangely familiar...

LOL? Still, this new gentle retro guns are 10 times the gun my first steel Commander, Rex , was.

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Joe Allen said...

Feeding issues are one thing, but hammer follow isn't really a break-in kinda problem.

I hope they can get this straightened out - it's really well laid out for an affordable carry 1911.

Anonymous said...

As usual, gun companies expect us to be beta testers.

Anonymous said...

I've the LTC in .45 and so far, through 1500 rounds of various ball and HP ammo, not a single failure. It's been as flawless and reliable as one could hope for. The only complaint is not mine. Anyone standing to my right will be bombarded with spent casings cuz that PXT can throw some brass...

Anonymous said...

Anon, my Tac-S throws the brass so hard it tends to go forward in time which, due to the rotation of the Earth, always seems to put them midway down the range.

When you reload, that kind of sucks ;)

Micheal, do you happen to have any pictures? Us gun bloggers have been dying for a look at this thing.

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