Thursday, December 04, 2008

What the Moonbats are Saying About US

From Alternet:
Although the gun group unleashed everything in its arsenal to defeat Barack Obama and dozens of down ticket gun-control candidates, it lost by a margin as historic as the war chest it opened in an attempt to convince voters that Democrats were mortal enemies of the Second Amendment. Despite expending nearly $7 million in a national fear campaign, NRA-endorsed candidates lost 80 percent of their races against gun-control candidates. More than 90 percent of candidates endorsed by the NRA's nemesis, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, won their races. If 2008 was, in the NRA's own words, "arguably the most important year in its history," then the election results suggest that the gun group is arguably the most overhyped and impotent special-interest lobby in the country. The NRA even got its chamber cleaned in its home state of Virginia.

The sweeping victory for gun control has been one of the most underreported stories of the election. This is largely because it was immediately overshadowed by the trendy postelection narrative of spiking gun sales and runs on assault weapons. In recent weeks, it seems as if every TV news program and newspaper in the country has featured some variation on the following story: Anxious Americans are cleaning out their local gun stores in anticipation of a.) Barack Obama's radical anti-gun agenda; b.) social chaos engendered by economic collapse; or c.) both.

No doubt thousands of paranoid gun owners have purchased Glocks and AR-15 assault rifles out of such fears. And it is true that the economic crisis has fueled an interest in personal protection and even Northern Idaho-style survivalism. But sensational stories about booming holiday-season gun sales obscure a more profound phenomenon: the coalescence of a new consensus, joined by the majority of the nation's gun owners, in favor of what gun controllers call "commonsense reform." A subtext of this phenomenon is the evaporation, first witnessed in 2006 and reinforced last month, of the idea that guns are a sure thing conservative wedge issue.
Of course he's full of shit, but read the whole thing anyway! And GO BUY SOME AMMO!


Anonymous said...

I know I'm preaching to the choir but this guy needs to get his head examined. People don't vote for gun control proponents and then turn around and put a run on Ars and magazines. As to the reason Obama and other democrats were elected a former president mentioned, "It's the economy stupid".

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm surprised there haven't been more stories along this line.

2A supporters weren't a large enough force to elect Fred in the primaries. And a Republican state like IN went Dem in the general election.

I'd say a lot of 2A voters must have sat home or else we have shrunk since helping to depose a sitting Speaker of the House in 1994.

Anonymous said...

There were other issues on people's minds this year that distracted many from both sides from our concern. As Joe said, the world's teetering economy was the 800-pound gorilla that overshadowed everything else. And there's no quick fix for that, either, no matter how desperately annointed a new POTUS might be. Our concern is barely a sideshow at this point -- this "run on guns" may have the Birkenstock crowd tittering at us mice scrambling and scratching in the walls, but their portfolios give them bigger headaches these days than any worries about us feverish throwbacks stalking their gated communities with war rifles.

I doubt we'll see much if any legislative movement against us until after the midterms. This two-year interim gives us plenty of time to do some low-key but persistent organizing to nip such a movement in the bud when it comes.

Unknown said...

"The sweeping victory for gun control"


Gun control was never an issue. Precisely because Democrats now avoid it like ebola because they know it will kill them.

Anonymous said...

Democrats have NOT avoided discussions about gun control. They have only kept those discussions amongst themselves and their loyal but shady followers. They continued to barter for votes, using the economy as the main chit. They didn't need any overt action by the gun-grabbers, since they dumped the mortgage melt-down in and everyone missed that the Democrats were the ones actually responsible for it. Once they mislead everyone, they moved on to making those sucker voters believe that only the Dem's had the solutions to the now sinking economy. Once in, since gun control doesn't require rasing taxes to pay for it, just watch how fast the momentum grows. Even if they act rapidly before the mid-term elections, the public won't even notice what's going on until it's too late.
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