Saturday, November 07, 2009

And Speaking of Morons...

...when I need a lift, there's always the Huffington Post. Today's blast of stupidity comes from Louis Klarevas, who perhaps predictably is...pause to be impressed...a professor at New York University! Wow! Here's what Dr. Hamster-Boy says:
Still, little is done to control the availability of guns - which is deeply disconcerting given that the most likely perpetrators of such violence are angry or deranged Americans who can easily purchase weapons, especially at gun shows where background checks are lax if not outright ignored.
On the other side of the fence, even Wired Magazine wonders what on earth people mean when they're talking about "cop-killer" guns:
Gun control group The Brady Campaign says it bought and test-fired a Five-Seven, and that it successfully penetrated a police vest. That said, it doesn’t seem quite accurate to call the Five-Seven a pocket-sized assault rifle. Its barrel would give it a lower muzzle velocity than a PN90; likewise, it strikes me as unlikely that it would give a shooter much more accuracy and effective range than a standard pistol. And plain-vanilla pistol round can be devastating enough: Think of the Virginia Tech shooter, who used a Glock 9mm and Walther .22.
Jules Crittenden wonders about the anti-Muslim backlash backlash:
The AP article fails to include any examples of any anti-Muslim backlash, perhaps because, with the exception of some isolated cases of mainly verbal harassment, there never was an anti-Muslim backlash in this country. Certainly nothing anywhere approaching the constant anti-American and anti-western backlash we’ve seen overseas in the years since 9/11. If anything, this country has bent over backwards to avoid any backlash. The example here was set from the outset by President Bush, who repeatedly declared this was not a war on Islam, and who sought and found allies among Muslims at home and abroad.

There has been an extensive anti-backlash backlash, however, to the extent that even suggesting Islamic extremism is a problem … has become the problem. I’m still waiting to hear the great outcry from Muslims, here and abroad, against the extremism, rather than whining about fears of being targeted every time someone from within their midst kills a dozen or 3,000 Americans.


Jkwas said...

As soon as the type of gun used was made public, I said to my wife "They will demonize this gun and proclaim it as evil as the person who comitted this act. You watch, in two weeks or so someone/group will attempt to have it banned"

Mdev said...

There have been no shortage of attempts to ban the Five-Seven since oh basically the day it was created. I guess their next target will be the taurus judge since it not only fired LARGER CALIBER BULLETS, but can fire SHOTGUN shells and is easily hidden. OMG RUN AWAY IN FEAR. That being said my guess is that if you have a five seven its either going to be worth a crap load very soon (as in they ban new imports) or it becomes illegal to own (dont see that happening but who knows)

Haji said...

The 5.7 penetrated a vest? What vest? Just the carrier? Level II? The lack of detail is maddening.

Mathew Paust said...

The 5.7 will be safe as long as it's a "rich man's caliber." When Standard Arms (nee Lorcin) comes out with one, then watch out!

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity I'm curios what the 5.7's ALLEGED ability to penetrate a vest has to do with Officer Munley's leg wounds.
Was she wearing some sort of New kevlar skirt ?
Tom Bogan

Anonymous said...

Let's demonize the KILLER! No matter what make, or model he is, he is the enemy! Let's also talk to his parents. I want to understand who raied him to be what he turned out to be.
Life Member
P. S.; I'm glad that someone had a gun there. Just think what would have happened if they had "Bobbies" there! It would have been a bigger mess than it was. Thank God that we have access to guns, so that we can protect ourselves during such times as were witnessed at Fort Hood!
And oh yeah: Private security guards on a military base? Nothing against private security people, but come on!

Unknown said...


Isn't the 5.7 ammo that is supposed to be armor penetrating not sold to civilians.

Oh wait, the shooter was in the army. Hmm...

And if he didn't have this gun, what would have prevented him from doing this with an army issued gun. What then?


But yes, the backlash, is ironic in that there is so much railing against anti-muslim sentiment. When there is little scene. But wait....sorry, let's be honest folks. There is enough of a the segment of muslims to keep the "stereotype" not only alive, but accurate.

But we can't say that...

It's like we need Nickelodeon to bring back "You Can't Do That on TV" (or any media)

Cooptire said...

No Muslim backlash yet thai I have seen, and yet there is a Muslim cleric who encouraged other Muslims in this country to do more of the same. And we are supposed to remain quiet about who did it. If it had been a white male, then their would be all kinds of hints and allegations from redneck to KKK. But if it is a non-white, then we don't dare say anything.