Friday, November 13, 2009

Red Chili is Truth

Dinner at The Shed, the Mother Church of red chili...their cheese enchiladas define Southwestern, too...

Great tequila clarifies the mind...maybe I can figure out how to keep all the balls up in the air!

Tomorrow, in search of the perfect concho belt...and maybe some new boots...

-- Post From The Road


Home on the Range said...

Their chicken Enchilada Verde with that roasted green chili sauce is the best. I need to get back there again, might be some prairie dogs or enchiladas that need some attention.

dam doc said...

Well deserved time off.. keep up the good work, and let us know where the best corn husk tamales are located!

Bladeandbarrel said...

Oh boy thats hot stuff. The Shed is great but that was the hottest food I ever ate!

Anonymous said...

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