Monday, November 02, 2009

Another Needless Internet Time-Waster

I am referring of course to — one day, one deal — a sales site that sells one dirt cheap item a day, 24 hours, until the item's all gone. It's not the stuff, though, that's the big draw; it's the utterly odd blog bitch for the item. Today, for instance, there's a killer deal on noise isolating earbuds, 2 for $15 bucks. Here's a little piece of the sales pitch:

Head down, earbuds in, try not to get hit by a laser

My mother-in-law thought we were crazy. “You two are going to end up pulverized by a giant world-eating alien just like your Aunt Regina!” We’ve always wanted to live in Metro City, though, and when Jessica got that job offer at the Major Daily Newspaper, we were excited to move to where all the costumed action is.

For about the first three weeks, anyway.

When the errant meteorite hit the Volvo, we shrugged it off and started using public transportation. Then, our dog Scamp was eaten by the Crimson Cowl’s cyborg velociraptors. And around the fourth time some villain’s robot henchman gets plowed through your wall and into your living room without so much as a “Sorry, Citizens” from whatever hero happens to be on duty that day, you start to get a little annoyed.

I’m not complaining, really...
Read they whole'll probably be crazy to snarf up the earbuds by the end. BTW, I cribbed the link from Cowboy Blob, who's always too kool for skool...

So I was over at Threat Dynamics all day filming. I'm intrigued enough to come up and take a full course. I was really impressed with TD cofounder Scot Laney, who is one of the most intelligent thinkers on self-defense topics I've talked to recently.

I think I'm coming down with another Road Cold, or maybe swine flu. Possibly, I'm allergic to Oregon, or autumn, since we no longer have that season in Colorado. Maybe I'm just a hypochondriac in training...but if that's the case why is my nose running so much? Had dinner at Jake's in Portland with the guys from CT and my old pal Guy Neill, who's been shooting IPSC since we shot it with muskets. Guy writes the reloading column in FRONT SIGHT Magazine...always good to see Brother Guy!


Laura said...

i'll admit, i'm a regular WOOTer...but they really do post decent stuff (on occasion) for (usually) lower prices than you'd find elsewhere.

the REAL timewaster is when they have a Woot-off...then it's a day (or two, or three) of constant sales...everything goes quickly, and if you're fortunate to get a Bag of Crap, you might end up with something decent.

...or you end up with something lame, like a power inverter.

r_w said...

Hey, those would be perfect for the range.

Anonymous said...

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iainmcphersn said...

I grabbed a set of the earbuds this morning. 24dB is not bad.

If you're looking for deals on just about anything, try

GunGeek said...

...and another one would be which has various categories of daily deals.