Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Peek at Obama's Upcoming Gun Control Agenda

This from my friend Dave Workman at GunWeek:
Did Attorney General Eric Holder recently “spill the beans” on the Obama administration’s desires to implement some kind of national gun registration scheme?
Holder, a perennial anti-gunner who was involved with the Clinton administration’s anti-gun schemes, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Nov. 18 and a transcript of his remarks that were not part of his prepared statement is revealing. It is so revealing, in fact, that the Law Enforcement Alliance of America issued a press statement that Holder had revealed “a stunningly broad and aggressive anti-gun agenda.”

I know LEAA’s Ted Deeds, and he is not someone to go off half-cocked with “Chicken Little” declarations about gun grabs.

"Holder wants a national, permanent gun registration system administered by law enforcement. A registration of honest citizens that have cleared the federal background check for gun purchases with those records permanently retained by and shared among law enforcement.- Law Enforcement Alliance of America"

Here’s what Holder said during a Q&A with anti-gun New York Sen. Charles Schumer: “The position of the Administration is that there should be a basis for law enforcement to share information about gun purchases. Fully respect the Second Amendment, fully respect the Heller decision. It does not seem to us that this is inconsistent to allow law enforcement agencies to share that kind of information, for that information to be retained and then to be shared by law enforcement.”
Sounds like registration to me, too. We've always knew Obama would aggressively pursue gun control if he thought he could pull it off with minimal repercussions. I beleive the reason that he and Clinton gun control water-carrier Eric Holder didn't launch major gun control initiatives right after the election was they had bigger fish to fry...taking over the banks, the auto industry, health care, etc.

Be assured we are on the agenda, especially if the horrific heath care "iniitative" goes down in well-deserved flames.


Anonymous said...

A national registration system is, and has been, one of my personal lines in the proverbial sand.

I've known since I was about 10 years old that I would never comply with any registration scheme.

Never. Not one gun.

I will abide by a registration scheme about as well as my backwoods Arkansas ancestors (full of the knowledge of sour mash and copper pipes) abided by Prohibition.

Guns? What guns? I lost them in all in a freak duck hunting accident when the light of Venus reflecting off swamp gas shone in my eyes, causing my boat to ramp up the back of a manatee, spilling all my guns into the drink.

Anonymous said...

I'll start worrying about this when they actually have the votes in Congress to make it happen.

By considerable margins we've won every single pro-gun vote that's come before Congress this year. I simply don't believe that the current Congress is inclined to pass more gun control laws. The votes simply aren't there. Even Nancy Pelosi is enough of a realist to admit this.

We need to be focusing our effort on the state and local level at the current time. That's where the bulk of the gun control legislation is passed and that's where (at least in the blue states) the gun-grabbers still have the majorities needed to pass freedom-curtailing legislation.

be603 said...

I'll take that marguerita now.

Mathew Paust said...

Come ze revolution (2 Nov 2010) unt ve all haff ze guns!

Dave S. said...

Ain't. Gonna. Happen.


Anonymous said...

"Be assured we are on the agenda, especially if the horrific heath care "initiative" goes down in well-deserved flames."

If the health care initiative was an easy pass, then the next would be Cap & Trade, and after that, gun control.

The problem is, they've burned all their political capital on health care. If it passes, that's it, that's all Obama and Pelosi can get.

Cap & Trade? DEAD. We can thank the hackers of the ClimateGate docs for that.

Gun Control? Obama and all the hard-left dems (and some reps) want AWBII bad, but all that goodwill is gone, taken because of the insane quest for universal health care.

Dems in vulnerable districts who were convinced/pressured/bribed to walk the plank on health care aren't going to walk it for gun control. No way, no how.

Plus, Obama and all his droogs are scared senseless by the run on guns and ammo earlier this year, a run only complicated by Obama's appalling incompetence related to the economy.

17% actual unemployment? Tough to buy more guns and ammo when you don't have a job anymore.

Plus, Obama has shown little leadership in pushing for gun control (actually..leadership for anything. Pelosi may be the leader, Obama is a clueless figurehead helpless without a teleprompter), he's not Bill Clinton, lambasting congress via TV to urge passage of the Brady and AWB bills during the dark days of 93/94.

THAT was leadership, even if I despised him for it.

Bet he was miffed when it expired with a whimper in 2004, all that pain..for absolutely nothing.

Thanks Bill, you really did make us stronger thanks to that awful bill. That strength is coming in handy now!

Anonymous said...

The Blue Dog Dems have held the line on gun control far better than I ever expected. I don't think this, or any, gun control scheme has a shot in the current congress.

Anonymous said...

Riddle me this folks... so what is the scheme behind the scheme of national registration?

Okay, obviously, national confiscation.

Okay... then what happens??

I always hear these tin foil-ey conspiracy theories about the "jack booted thugs" kicking in your doors and confiscating your guns.

So...okay, then what happens after that?

What is the end goal?

Anonymous said...

We Fight!

Anonymous said...

there is no evil B-movie END GOAL on the part of the gun grabbers. The end goal for them is to "protect us from ourselves" and create a utopian society where they can keep us safe.(I think i'm going to puke). instead of asking about the end goal ask about the end result which is never good. because criminals don't register their guns.

saltydogbk said...

A snake will bite till you cut the head off. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE this administration.

Anonymous said...

@ seeker_two ... so the good ol' U.S. of A. is gonna go down the same tired road of re-education camps, death marches, political prisoners and genocide like some Third World Banana Republic?

(levity moment on)

And then with all the cheap labor we will then have in this utopia, everything in China will have "Made in USA" labels on it??

Anonymous said...

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