Monday, November 16, 2009


...the Real World is waiting. So many balls up in the air! The Best Defense: Survival was green-lighted for a new season. You guys got thoughts on where we need to go from Season 1? I'm thinking info-specific -- food, water, shelter, travel, defense, medical, comm, etc.

Went to Maria's one more time...couldn't pass up those Bullseye margaritas! I'm gonna be working on that at home. If we do a Shooting Gallery Weekend at the Secret Hidden Bunker on Colorado, I promise I'll make the margaritas!!!

Last night we had corn and chipolte soup at Blue Corn Grill ... Great, but fair warning, it's seriously honest to goodness hot stuff...

Stopped by Santa Fe Hat Company & met J. D. Noble...saw a straw hat that may have my name on it...we'll see ...

So,gotta get back to work...To quote Jimmy Buffett, "It cleans me out, and then I can go on..." I needed a break off The Road...could use more, but it is what it is.

When you've got the greatest gig in the world, hey, a little travel won't kill ya!

-- Post From The Road


Flash Powder Hal said...

When you get to "comms", please get someone to show how much better amateur radios (HAM) are than those goofy FRS/GMRS toys are.

It only takes passing a simple 35 question test, then you can use 1,000's of VHF/UHF frequencies with REAL radios capable of calling 911 via phone-patch or using repeaters across 100's or even 1,000's of miles away.

Heck, if this SASS comboy can do it, any Downrange viewer can ~;-)


Frank W. James said...

Michael: Re: suggestions about 'survival'. Go back to my August 12,2009 posting on my blog and read my "Detailed Explanation..."

It's not a Mel Tappen type of answer to the question you're asking but one that came as the result of a long discussion with a local man who works regularly at feeding the needy in our area. Due to the proximity of two large populations centers within 100 miles of our home town we fully expect this to happen should something 'bad' happen in either.

You asked, and that is more or less my response.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

The Warrior said...

Wow, I just saw you on the show...had no idea! Only saw two short segments, but am sold already for Season 1 on DVD.


Anonymous said...

Info only,, your updates on the Blog would not recieve my confirmation as it was mailed to me,, sorry,, I am bth new and uninformed on computers

Brian Saul

Hogstr said...

Flash Powder is on the mark.

I'd personally like to have a illustration of how currency exchange would work as we descend into TEOTWAWKI. Let's say you were a big time gold and sliver hoarder, and the zombies attacked...what kind of considerations should be made for selling and protecting your "product". How far would a roll of silver quarters take you, for example. Or put another way, how not to loose your ass to the government or your local food source.

R_W said...

I agree with more specifics next season, but also "everyday disasters"--those little things that are deadly if you panic. Things like ICE STORMS, dog attacks, car stranded in the middle of nowhere, etc. Also more discussion on "common sense skills"--basic car stuff, basic home repair (closing off storm damage), and immediate safety issues--shutting off utilities, shutting off the car ignition, safely using a generator, etc.

Angry Monkey said...

What about an episode dealing with mass transportation? What to do if you're on the train/bus/trolly when the poo hits the fan. How to escape a crashed train/bus/ferry, what's the safest place to sit on mass transit systems, things of that nature.

Charlie F said...

I'm survival stupid so I need specifics. When the grid goes down, how do you contact family or friends? I've heard that when you fire up that generator and turn on the light, you become a target. What do you do? Survival to me has been driving in Memphis every day without being shot!
Thanks for asking for input>

Anonymous said...

next season can't tear down your house and build a new one, so what are some practical things you can do to the one you have (improvements) to address the full range of threats and potential threats...(all of them), most people don't understand it, or understand how to manage a major claim..I learned the hard way after my house burned down...many things I wish somebody had told me before I had to learn them the hard way....and house fires, a long segment on that would be good....a whole show on water, cover everything from where to get it in a disaster to all the options for treating and filtering, what to do if you are on the road or on the move....a show on bug out bags for the car, or maybe "bug back home" bags, what really needs to be in that car kit...all the TEOTWAWI stuff is interesting but the show needs to keep an element of practical focus like you did this past season...that was good

Mathew Paust said...

I like R_W's suggestions. Those little things that help us segue from an everyday life that's so dependent on electricity we find it hard to imagine getting along without it.

My family and I live in a woods with public power the only utility available to us. When a tree or branch knocks power out during a storm, we crank up the generator and, with enuf fuel, can hold out indefinitely. Of course, we don't store enuf fuel to hold out that long, but we could if we had enuf warning that the sh!t was about to hit the fan.

Flash flooding is another potential problem, and I'm taking measure to keep our garage and basement dry in times of deluge rain.

Am currently debating whether to carry my chainsaw in the toolbox on my truck in case a tree falls and blocks our lane when I'm away from home.

Considerations like this would make a hugely helpful episode or two or three...

Anonymous said...

I have been worried about surviving in my town if terrorists should detonate a nuke next door to my house. Would I be able to watch my favorite TV shows? I've heard that they might actually set off the nuke then launch an EMP attack that destroys everything electronic in the world. If these should trigger a natural pandemic of the plague do I need to get vaccinations for that? What about black water fever? But if the aliens then decide to make themselves known to us earthlings (I've seen them on TV in this new show "V") can I become some sort of slave to them? I don't want to end up being lunch for reptile aliens? Do you? But if I have to battle my way out of the mothership what kind of ray gun would you recommend? Are they covered under the NFA? Could you swing a discount deal for your readers? I am also worried that an asteroid may hit my house. What kind of roofing tiles should I have to protect me? Oh well, I drive a big rig filled with all my survival equipment but am thinking that I need something bigger? I'm up around 12 tons of gear so any help would be appreciated. I stay on the move a lot. Hey gotta go now...I keep hearing things. I'm looking forward to your new season. Hope you cover these concerns. The voices are telling me stuff. I have to write it all down now.

Mathew Paust said...

Anon: Have the aluminum skullcap checked for an embedded microchip. Or simply replace it.

It looks like they prolly have already visited you.

P.S. Reynolds Wrap gives me the clearest signals.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of smaller scale problems. Also what about a regonal series. Talking about the most likely things that would happen in different areas of the country, how to get out of those areas and where to go for safety.

In addition maybe a show or two about hunting and getting out of trouble in the back country from a survival stand point.

Mr. Gus said...

Congrats on your new season! I'd like to see something that mentions kids. Yes kids. No matter where I go it seems I have to deal with a decision involving children. How to keep them safe, busy, happy and healthy. In any survival and disaster situation that will probably be an issue. What can they do to help? What special risks are posed to them? Perhaps they can actually be an asset to the situation. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

When people talk about trying to communicate with friends and family, I am assuming that they are assuming that the phone lines or the cell phones will be out. Right?

My guess, as of right now, without putting a lot of thought into it, is to have a preplanned rendezvous point and time already agreed upon.

Other than that... your friends and family should jus assume that they are on their own, and that you are on your own.

As far as the HAM radio thing goes... that whole 2 meter VHF band ain't gonna do you a whole lot of good when there is no electricity to power up the repeaters. The higher the frequency the more line of sight the signal becomes. And at least in the late 1980's, getting acess to a repeater meant having a membership to a local club, paying dues, and having a sub audible tone "password", supposedly, to be able to key up the repeater. and to be able to make 9-1-1 and phone patches.

I would just rather spend my time and money now and some handheld CB radios, like what you and your huntin' buddies use. And buy some batteries for them.

To our other anonymous poster, that was hilarious. LOL! Thanks. I guess all your guns are equipped with ACOG's because if there is an EMP attack...OOppss... there goes your EOTECH or your Aimpoint...Of course, iron sights ain't affected by EMP either.