Saturday, June 05, 2010

Less Than Perfect Performance.... Cheyenne today. The Force apparently wasn't with me...LOL!


Paten said...

Were you using the Scorpion?

nj_larry said...

Today marks the 66th anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy France. In what will turn out to be our most deadly foreign war, this marks a turning point in the battle of good versus evil. The wonderful thing is that we still have veterans of D-Day with us. Old but still kicking, they have those days burned in their memories and are a link to a glorious past effort. They were kids no different than those today. Not a black and white photo. Flesh colored and yes bleeding red blood on this day. They had lined up by the thousands at recruiting stations. They had trained hard. They were now lean and mean. Then they packed up and went into battle. With a heavy Garand in their hands and nothing more than a GI shirt on their backs. That was the world of the "brown" Army. The color of their uniform before green, before digital camo. The world has changed mightily in 66 years. Before Kevlar and body armor. Before smart bombs and Cobra gunships. Before UAVs and Stealth. Today's kids play with things not even imagined by a 19 year old kid about to step off into the cold English Channel waters. A long time ago. But then again it's as recent to some as closing their eyes and remembering.

If by chance you should cross paths today with an old vet, say thanks. For them it was just yesterday.