Tuesday, June 01, 2010

New Alf TWB* Sighting

*The Wonder Beagle, of course. Once again, she quickly turned away before the camera could capture her face. She's recovered pretty well from her injured paw and ready to head into the mountains in search of bison, large ungulates and perhaps the occasional water buffalo, as long as she can be home in time for dinner.

Spent the day recording yesterday, the first half day audio; the second short spots for COWBOYS. Two filming days this week and a gigantic stack of meetings. I plan to get in a match this upcoming weekend and a practice day with semiautos early next week.

Joe Huffman has posted NICS data on gun sales for the first part of 2010, and as predicted here gun sales have hardly plummeted...in fact, they're only slightly behind the banner year of 2009. Verification of the offhand comment from Taurus Top Guy Bob Morrison — "Companies making good products people want to buy are not suffering." My take? Once again, self-defense handguns are leading the market as the black rifle market stabilizes.

Drop by Gun Nuts Media and tell Caleb what gun you think he should shoot next in IDPA...I was disheartened to see there was no check box for "Flintlock, Tactical." Caleb, you should hold off on Custom Defensive Pistol, essentially a 1911 .45 class, until 2011, then convince your long-suffering Significant Other that she has to work overtime so you can get the appropriate custom 1911 to shoot in the perfect category!


George said...

Glad to see Alf has returned to the lineup! In addition to what you mentioned she'll hunt, I'm sure if she discovers some meandering "Beggin' Strips" or some wayward cheese delight, she'll use that as small a consolation prize....

Our little con artist is having paw issues at the moment too, so I know how you feel.

kmitch200 said...

The cadaver like coloring on those legs is testimony that living in a bunker deep inside a mountain does nothing for melanin production!

(Glad the dog is up and at it again)

Mickey3Gun said...

Good to see Alf is again on the hunt for the errant and elusive Jack-a-lope....

But I too musk ask why your wearing winter camo bottoms with your Stetson. Is this some new counter shading technology on a field test for Best Defense? O wait those are legs! never mind.

Pete said...

Hat too big. Shorts too small.

(Sorry, couldn't help myself!)

Anonymous said...

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