Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Mid-Week Wrap-up

Spent most of the day in the shoot house at U.S. Shooting Academy in Tulsa filming some vignettes for Streamlight on their gun-mounted lights. We were working with John Meyer, who used to be one of the top trainers for H-K before he went out on his own...a world-class instructor, and I learned a lot just hanging around and talking. I've decided I'm going to put together an SG on low-light training with John and his guys. I also talked to Mike Seeklander at USSA about his close quarters shooting class, and I think you're definitely going to see that on SG in 2011 as well.

Then I cruised on to Kansas City to spend the evening at the brewhouse across the parking lot from the hotel with my old IPSC friend Stuart Barber, a.k.a. "Tame Bill" — you've seen him on the History Channel as one of the ranking experts on the life of Wild Bill Hickok — drinking Anchor Steam and talking about the old Kansas cow towns, shoot-outs, various miscreants, and Wild West bullshit.

Every so often it strikes me that I am one of the luckiest people in the world.

Anyhow, in other news, Todd Jarrett is teasing us with is new company, Strike Force (new rifle, above). Hey, looking forward to the new guns, Todd!

In news, Nosler Bullets in Bend, OR, blew up's the news piece:
An explosion and fire rocked a portion of the Nosler Inc. bullet manufacturing plant in southwest Bend Wednesday afternoon, prompting evacuation and closure of streets in the area; despite a blast felt for several blocks, all 100 workers were accounted for.
The fire was reported initially as a smoke report shortly after 2 p.m. at the facility at 107 SW Columbia St., which was evacuated. By 2:15 p.m., there were reports that an explosion had destroyed part of the building. But by 3 p.m., reports from the scene were that all workers on scene at the time of the blast had been accounted for.
A company spokesman said he was told that around 2 p.m., work was under way in the ballistics tunnel, a testing area for ammunition, when there was a flash, followed by the quick evacuation, smoke, and moments later by a massive explosion.
Whew! More when it becomes available.

Finally, the one accessory you can't do without (and sorry to be so long in noting this one!) :

That's right...a bayonet for your laser-sighted North American Arms mini-revolver! From the guys at LaserLyte, in conjunction with KA-BAR, all of whom obviously have too much time on their hands! OTOH, I'm sure there are places in this country where rabid chihuahuas are a major issue..."Yo quiero Taco Bell' my butt!


Anonymous said...

We blew up our range from unburnt powder that laid in the seams of the concrete floor. Lot's of noise and smoke, pushed some blocks out of the wall. No one hurt.

That sure changed the range cleaning procedures!


ericire12 said...

Say Uncle has a nice little post about an AR mounted tomahawk (No, not the cruise missle) ;)

Unknown said...

Sure sounds like an unburnt powder accumulation incident to me too.

Kansas Scout said...

You were in KC and we did not share a cold one!!?? Jeez!

Ponyexpress said...

If you were in Kansas City, you should have had some Boulevard Brewery beer. A great local company.