Saturday, June 26, 2010

Michael's Last Stand...

At least this week! Am on the way to Hardin, MT, to film the reenactment of Custer's Last Stand...I have ti on good authority that the 7th. still wanting for Gatling guns, will once again go down in flames. I'll keep you posted.

Was surprised and pleased with End of Trail, which topped out at 541 shooter. Next year SASS may have to cap the match if they want to keep it on a single weekend format. As I said earlier, I saw more women and young people than I've seen at any big match. SASS appears to have weathered their flat spot and gotten back to their fast-track growth. I know the local new shooters' seminars are pulling 60+ people, and my friends in Cali tell me their running cowboy new shooter orientations once a month at 50+ shooters. We're averaging more than 100 shooters at the monthly matches (and there's a cowboy match every weekend somewhere in the Front Range) and next week's regional championships, Hell on Wheels in Cheyenne (see you there?) will draw more than 300 competitors. It all bodes well for cowboy and competition in general.

Next Wednesday marks the new season for both COWBOYS and TBD/SURVIVAL.

Both shows have been completely "retooled" for the new season...I'll be talking about the changes in the shows on this week's podcast and video blog. So first listen in, then tune in to see what you think of the new season. On the whole, I'm really pleased...our goal is to raise the bar every season.

Gotta go get on the toy airplane for the flite to Billings...