Monday, January 03, 2011

First look at the Ruger LC9 (video)

The LC9 essentially “splits the baby” between the SR9c and the wildly successful LCP .380. Here’s my first report on the LC9.


Tim Covington said...

Thank you for this video. Before seeing this, I found myself wondering what made this different from another company's 9mm pocket guns (the company's initials are KT). I now see that this is a more refined version of the same concept, and worth paying the extra money.

Jonah said...

How do the 9mm and the .380 really comppare in size? When you held them up next to each other, the slide was back on the 9mm and it made it look quite a bit larger than the LCP.

Bob Anderson said...

So how did it carry in you pocket?

Anonymous said... Will show you the size difference. Dang it, now I got another gun I want but can't really afford.
- Grizzly Dave