Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Truth To Power...LOL!

Am in D.C. for the Congressional Sportsmens' Foundation annual banquet, where I will be striving manfully to not cause some sort of political apocalypse with my big mouth. I will endeavor to persevere.

Am picking up one of the new Sig Traditional 1911s tomorrow, which I should be able to shoot this weekend. Man, I could use a little more time on the range, but which of us couldn't? I'll be making sure my IDPA guns, Ruger SR9s, are zeroed with the Wilson Combat match ammunition I'll be using at the IDPA Worlds, then maybe sneak in one more cowboy match.

I want to do a lot more on concealed carry...if you heard today's podcast you can see the direction I'm headed in. I think we do need to seriously look at what we're doing on the square range and see how closely that aligns to what we need to do from a CCW perspective.

I should be getting holsters for small frame revolvers any day now, so I can spend some time with what is unequivocally the most popular carry gun in America. As I mentioned, it's been a while since I routinely carried a little revolver, so I thought it made sense to tune up bit. I'm still coming down on the side of .38 +P over .357 inn the little blasters from a controllability standpoint. I am a subscriber to the "more holes" theory, as opposed to the "one shot stop" theory.

Anyhow, I gotta go put on a suit...if you've watched my programs, you know how rare a thing that is! Not only that, but it's Washington D.C., so I am unarmed...creepy creepy creepy. At the risk of sounding snippy, I'll bet I'm the only person in the room tonight who feels more or less lost without a concealed weapon...maybe not...I'll ask around!


clark myers said...

Too narrow a definition of weapon there. Maybe more time driving nails with a Maglite is called for

Anonymous said...

MB - you are missing rain in Denver tonight and I'll bet snow up at the secret hidden bunker. Hope to see you at the cowboy match Saturday.


OKGlockman said...

Armslist is giving away free stuff in their promotional contest. It is the "Craigslist of Firearms" Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Its a common mistake, but the "one shot stop" is a measure of effectiveness not a tactic. Only a neophyte would expect a one shot stop. If you get one great otherwise proceed as needed.