Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The End Game

More gun control, says an unrepentant Eric Holder.

Which was always the point, wasn't it? There never was and isn't now an "Iron River" running guns into Mexico, so it was necessary to create one, to build the straw man for Holder, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the pathetic antigun cadre of the present administration to knock down.

Remember the early days of Eric Holder, when he called all of us "cowards?" The real coward faced the Senate yesterday.


Rob Drummond said...

Yes the real coward is Holder it was nice to see him squirm. But include Clinton & Obama among the cowards. I never had any doubt what so ever that this administration was after private gun ownership & still are....did you? F & F, UN Small Arms Agreement....what else is going on "under the table" that we haven't heard of yet. How many more border agents have to die to know.

Make no mistake, ending private gun ownership is one of Obama's & the left he represents primary goals. He needs this to go along with his idea of a European type Leftist utopia. His fundamential change of America.

I hope we are smart enough to make sure he is a one term president.
Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

Nick the Okie said...

The guy belongs behind bars along with any of the other ATF suites that knew about this and it's frustrating to me to see a near zero amount of "lamestream" media covering this.

The amount arrogance in this administration and cabinet is enough to make Linda Blair's head spin around the opposite way while doing a back-flip! But the testimony he gave only proves to me that the original intention of the operation was not catch some Las Zetas smuggling guns or drugs but to place the ground work to quell the rise in 2nd amendment support and demonize all progress that we as gun owners have made to reverse the infringement that has been made.

With Eric Holder having lived up to his newly found stage name, the "Cowardly Liar", it didn't take 24 hours before the "Wicked Witch of the West" Dianne Feinstein with support of her flying monkeys to go ahead and call for a national gun registry.

Anonymous said...

This whole Fast and Furious thing is just a conspiracy theory. Next thing you know, you all will be talking about a New World Order and a Global Central Bank....

Haji said...

Nah, not New World Order...Real Bad Odor. This administration stinks.

Kristophr said...

Extradite him to Mexico.

kmitch200 said...

There never was and isn't now an "Iron River" running guns into Mexico

There is if you count the southern border of Mexico and all the guns the federales can bring onto the beaches from South America for their true bosses, the cartels. Of course, there isn't a damn thing the US can do about it.

Kristopher, I really like that bumper sticker!

"gunner" said...

the left is already talking about "the new world order" and "central bank". i've said for years that the two things the u.n. must NEVER be allowed is the power to levy its own taxes, and its own armed forces, independent of any national control.

Anonymous said...

You can watch some of it here:

Anonymous said...

How do you figure Holder is a "coward" ?
A lot of other bad things maybe, but do you realize just how much chutzpah it takes to get up in front of Congress and say "I need more regulations to stop people like me, (Who have no idea what my employees are doing) from smuggling guns to Mexico".
It's like killing your parents then requesting mercy because you're an orphan.
Tom Bogan