Tuesday, November 29, 2011

High Speed & Eggs

Spent all day working with John Carter and Gene Moffitt on ultra-high speed videography for Shooting Gallery 2012...totally cool stuff!

I couldn't resist this...been reading a lot of stuff on the .410...stumbled across interesting tidbit that the closest approximation to the human eye is a soft-boiled egg...c'mon...had to be done! This is a piece of video you'll save! Ultra-high speed videography is a fascinating tool. I'm looking forward to exploring what we can do with it over the next few months.

Probably be posting a bunch of pixs next week...get ready for it.

Went to the doctor today for new x-rays of my sad pathetic left knee...nothing new...diced up some cartilage 6 weeks ago, and it will heal or it won't. Time, a stationary bike and Advil. Man, I so wish the was some kind of amazing stem cell therapy! Alien medicine...whatever...I'll stall the knee replacement as long as I can.

Kinda bummed at my travel schedule & the weather. Winter Range, the cowboy nationals, is in February, and I'd like to go into it on a good roll...maybe the weather will lighten up when we get past the November deep freeze. I could use about 2000 rounds with the shotgun to settle down...I'm quick, but need to be quicker.


Dan said...

Link to video?

Anonymous said...

Just get the darn knee replacement.
The sooner you do it, the sooner you're done with it.
Tom B.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how true this next story is, but I worked with a guy who was an Iraq war veteran. He had his HMMV blown up with him in it. A unsecured .50 cal ammo can slammed into the back of his driver's seat so hard that It broke his back. The military shipped him to Japan where the civilian hospitals there were allowed to use stem cells to mend his spine. So he was able to walk and have a normal life.

Kristophr said...


Get some exercise without putting a bunch of weight on it.

Tom B: the problem with joint replacement is that the artificial joints wear out. Which is why surgeons are loath to put them in people who are not elderly, and likely to be dead before the joint fails.

Anonymous said...

Sorry took a look at Colorado infection rates. I wouldn't have a knee done there. Not enough procedures and the rates are too high.


I would recommend the Hosptial for Special Surgery in NYC. They do thousands upon thousands of these per year and their infection rate is below national average.

Look up NY hospitals. HSS stands out in the nation.


kmitch200 said...

Kris, I had my knee replaced when I was 43.
11 years later, 9 1/2 of those working on a fire truck, it is still good as new.
The key is NO IMPACT.

Fall in love with the bike, swimming and elliptical, don't play basketball and don't run.
Other than that, hike, hunt, play golf, do whatever but NO IMPACT.

Jack said...

Had to have my right knee replaced 3.5 years ago. (I was 55 then) While most Dr.would rather wait until one is older. I had had all the cartilage removed when I was 28, Fell off a ladder at work and tore the cartilage badly. Had 3 scope repairs on it in the following 27 years until it was no longer doing any good. As the Dr. said after the last scoping 1 year prior to the total replaceable that it was inevitable to have to have it replaced. As the pain only got much worse. Surgery was no fun, but now I am fully mobile. Glad I had it replaced.