Sunday, November 20, 2011

Still Treading Water

The new 1-hour Shooting Gallerys are, IMHO, going to be groundbreaking, but it is massive work building a new format. Especially with TBD in production at the same time. Especially with gun companies starting to roll out -- behind closed doors -- new product to be introduced at, but hectic!

Sucked it up this weekend and bought a new computer...I went back to an iMac to replace the Power Book I've been working on the last couple of years. The PB's screen is cracked and as usual after a couple of years is flailing under increased demands. Cost more to repair and upgrade it than to replace it. Still, no fun buying business hardware...just good money that doesn't get spent on guns (or chairs)!

Plus the iPad's taken over most of the road chores...still can't do a complete podcast in the iPad, but I'm looking at some add-on mixing hardware. I'm open to suggestions on that topic.

Marshal & I are starting to hammer out DRTV planning for 2012. As I think I mentioned before, we're adding weekly SG training videos for the 13 week new season run. Other neat additions coming as well.


waddy said...

I am amazed at what you are doing and what you have already accomplished. Your programs are top notch. I only have one small gripe (and it does not apply just to you), acronyms are the most frustrating things in the world!!! A reader should not have to go back several issues of a block or article to find out what what the heck a writer is talking about. If a writer wants to use an acronym, then please identify the full meaning of it the first time it is used in EACH article.

Sorry for the rant, not directed at you specifically, I love your work and thank you for it.

ExurbanKevin said...

You might want to get in touch with my pal John McJunkin at Avalon Podcasting regarding hardware for your iPad.

John's also a refuge from the music biz and has a booming business making podcasts sound even better.

Plus he's a rock-solid conservative from Wyoming who shoots.