Sunday, November 13, 2011

Grid Down @ Secret Hidden Bunker...

...after a vicious windstorm last night...75 mph + ...lots of trees down...not particularly cold (30s), but we went to aux heat around 4 AM for our birdies. Alf the Wonder Beagle insisted on jumping in bed with us about the first time one of the big gusts hit and the Secret Hidden Bunker shuddered...very brave of her!


rpm64 said...

This global warming sure is hell.

rpm64 said...

This "global warming" sure is hell.

Anonymous said...

Need more on your cowboy shooting-scores, times, the good, the bad and what you used would be greatly appreciated.

DamDoc said...

wow... its only early november... can you see january coming!? Hang in there!... a client in california said their forcaster was predicting a resurgence of el nino.. hang on to your hat.. al gore is SUCH a schmuck!

Michael Bane said...

Cowboy scores aren't up! 3 of 5 stages under 30 seconds...dropped a shot...not claiming this as an excuse, but case split so badly I had to hammer it out of the cylinder...swore I had a good sight picture...usual gear, 2 .357 Ruger SASS Vaqueros tuned by Ken Griner, .357 1873 "Border Rifle" from Cimarron (also by Ken), Browning BSS S x S from Johnny Meadows, leather by Ted Blocker...reloads are based on late 1800s .38 Colts w/158-gr bullets. Shot senior class (ouches!), should be up near the top.

Little worried about the springs in the '73...will probably change them before Winter Range...


Anonymous said...

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