Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Morning Reading List

Start out with this excellent and thoughtful blogpost from Daniel Mitchell at the International Liberty blog on why the current European trainwreck should strengthen our resolve to oppose any gun control measures:
I’ve learned over the years that things are usually never as bad as they seem (or as good as they seem), so I don’t expect that a nightmare situation will materialize, but I certainly can understand why wealthy people have contingency plans to escape. 
But what about the rest of us? We don’t have property overseas and we don’t have private jets, so what’s our insurance policy? 
Part of the answer is to have the ability to protect ourselves and our families. As explained here, firearms are the ultimate guarantor of civilization.
Read the whole thing, of course. And jere's some good reasons to keep the phases set on "BBQ," a long AP article on how the current administration is "mouse-trapped" on guns as a political issue:
"Gun control is a fight that the administration is not willing to pick. They're not likely to win it," said Harry Wilson, author of a book on gun politics and director of the Institute for Policy and Opinion Research at Roanoke College in Virginia. "They certainly would not win it in Congress, and it's not likely to be a winner at the polls. ... It comes down to one pretty simple word: Politics." 
Administration officials say they are working to develop the gun safety measures promised after the Giffords shooting, and they say have taken steps to improve the background check system. White House spokesman Matt Lehrich says the White House goal is to "protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens while keeping guns out of the hands of those who shouldn't have them under existing law." 
But when it comes to guns and politics, Democrats haven't forgotten what happened in 1994. That year, President Bill Clinton was pushing for passage of a landmark crime bill featuring a ban on assault weapons, and then-House Speaker Thomas Foley, D-Wash., twisted Democrats' arms to get it through the House. Come November, Democrats suffered widespread election losses and lost control of the House and the Senate. Foley was among those defeated, and Clinton and others credited the NRA's campaigning with a big role in the outcome. And when the assault weapons ban came up for congressional reauthorization in 2004, it failed.
Let's not get cocky...we've got to get through this face of a Republican nominating procedure to see which dweeb we get, then make sure he or she has his or her head screwed on right! In fact, I'll work for the Republican nominee because it is critical that our voices be heard LOUDLY!


Obake said...

If you run Michael, I would vote for you!

Anonymous said...

In '08 I thought all those who were calling McCain a RINO and no different than BHO were morons. I still think so.

BUT, if Romney is the nominee I think I'll vote libertarian or socialist or green or whatever fringe party makes it on the ballot.

Romney would sell out gunowners in a heartbeat in the spirit of "bipartisaship".

DamDoc said...

We need to make sure the head is screwed on right BEFORE we nominate!.. can you imagine Herman Cain's travails coming out a week before the general election!.. We need a well vetted candidate (dweeb), with no surprises.. maybe not our ideal candidate, but surly somebody better than "THE ONE"... then we will all need to get behide him and let our fear of the socialist alternative and loss of the 2nd amendment (no more Obama Supreme Court appointments!!) propel us to the polls with grand enthusiasm..

DamDoc said...

Speaking of possible dweebs, good emily gets a gun posting on Newt...

kmitch200 said...

then make sure he or she has his or her head screwed on right

We know that BWhore's head is screwed on completely backwards. If allowed to appoint any more Supremes, we can bend over and kiss it goodbye.

Saying that candidate X is wrong, and voting 3rd party or worse, staying home, is the same as voting for the POS we have now.
Make a statement AFTER getting The Sock Puppet out of office!!

Dave S. said...

A vote for a third-party candidate is a vote for Obama. Period. And then you can kiss the Supreme Court goodbye for a generation.

Rob Drummond said...

I think this is a critical election more so than ever before. I am sure we all have heard this but now, right now! is a critical time for the US & it's future if we are to have one.

Obama has to go no question about it. We can discuss what we want in a candadate but in the end we have to get behind whoever is nominated. Any one of the Republicans running in the primaries is BETTER than what we have right now.

I am a hardcore right winger, social conservative, business owner,& proud American. What I see going on now is sickening & worse than what Carter did 30 years ago. If Obama gets another four years he will be unrestrained...God forbid.

I think what William Buckley said about voting for the most conservative that can get elected fits this election more so than ever.

Vote Republican and get the bum out of office!
Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

Anonymous said...


Serious question: Were you one of those who preached that McCain was a "RINO" and a there was no difference between a vote for McCain and a vote for BHO?

There are a whole bunch of hypocrites who are willing to support any Repub, even Romney, to oust BHO who were anti McCain in '08.

Truth is, Romney blows with the wind and changes his position like I change my socks.

I tend to think working for a solidly Repub congress for the 4 years of BHO's second term will pay off more than capturing than Romney capturing the WH.

Rob Drummond said...

Actually the truth is that if BHO gets in again we will not recognise the America he wants to create & he will be unrestrained. I voted for McCain & he wasn't who I wanted but he wouldn't have put us in debt the way Obama did. Newt or Romney or whoever it is I will support. Obama needs to go no other president in our history is as bad as this guy....that includes Carter. By the way I am not a hypocrite
Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH