Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sorry for My Absence!

A combination of hellish end-of-the-year stuff that has to be finished by tomorrow and an ill-timed (okay,,,there aren't any GOOD times for this!) computer changeover that has not not gone nearly as well as I'd anticipated. I'm still trying to get everything up, running and sync'ed!

BTW, this AM saw a huge coyote in full winter fur about 7 yards from the house, standing up on one of our trees that came down in the last storm so he had a clear view of Alf the Wonder Beagle at the back door. That coyote would make a fine hat!


Anonymous said...

That's what the wolf said about Alf.

Rob Drummond said...

We have a small sheep farm here in NH with 2 Great Phyrennes who live with them. THe 70 or so sheep (& lambs in the Spring) are safe with them on duty. We have had a cease fire with the coyotes until recently where they have been getting closer to the farm more aggressively checking things out. Just about a month ago I was cutting firewood on our landing and even with chainsaws & the tractor going I felt that feeling of being watched. Turning around I saw a coyote behind me (avout 20 feet!) just watching me work. That was too close so I pulling my pistol and took a shot and just missed him by an inch. Before I could take another he was off & much for practice!
ROb Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

Sandra R. said...

Saw the first episode of SG, WOW, congrats on that and more congratulations on your weight loss Michael!! What a great way to start 2012; I am novice gun owner and love all your shows and podcasts....keep them coming. Sandra

Unknown said...

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