Saturday, January 14, 2012

Great Read...

...from American Digest...please, take it to heart!

Yes, nothing is damaging the "Conservative Brand" lately more than the rolling stupidity that is lumping itself around the failure of the Republicans to come up with a viable candidate that is more "Conservative" than Mitt Romney. This "failure", which was predictable as long as four years ago, is causing many online 'conservatives to drop into premature political menopause with whining, hot flashes of anger, and the grinding of dull, old, axes. They are pissed, it would seem, because nobody other than Romney can carry the fight to Obama in the coming election. The more demented among them are declaring, shades of McCain/2008, that they will take their retracted balls and go home on election day rather than vote against Obama.

These people are deeply stupefied and confused. Ideology will do that to you. They seem to think, to actually believe, that this coming election is about only voting if you can vote for a candidate you like. Let me disabuse these kids of this silly notion right away. The election of 2012 ain't a conservative popularity contest. It's a war to, first, last, and always, destroyany possibility of a second term for Barack Hussain Obama.

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Nick Brower said...

Good read, I agree. I was pretty surprised as well that the other candidates, sans Paul who defended Romney on the Bain issue, were demagoguing the issue and once again proving that 99% of politicians including Romney will say something different depending on their audience 99% of the time.

I'm not going to get behind Romney because I think he's 'electable'. I'm going to vote my conscience and my principals. As Jim Demint said this last week that the conservative base has always had a strong libertarian streak and it wasn't until the term 'compassionate conservative' came to be that the big government conservative was born and is now the mainstream. However, I think a breath of fresh air and fresh magazine full of the constitution should be loaded in to the conservative move against Obama with the highest speed and lowest drag available.

Anonymous said...

Romney is antigun. Period. End of story?

Do you suggest we get behind an candidate who would happily sign a new AWB?

About the best we can do, or hope for, is to work to elect an solidly progun congress.

nj_larry said... I should be taking advice from a Penthouse magazine editor? This now qualifies him to speak to social conservatives? Vagina's yes. But not politics sir.

I don't need a numbnuts like this Gerard Van der Leun to guide me in areas of conscience, duty, honor. I will make up my own mind thank you.

The reality is that the establishment Repukelicans want to get back in power. A quote is in order. Yes Barry sucks, but as Art Laffer has said, "there is NOTHING that he can do to us that can not be undone." He gives as examples pure dictatorships like Chile which have unwound themselves in 10 years. Difficult, burdensome, yes. But with a concerted effort, reversible.

We all know who Barry and his friends are. What they stand for. It does not make me happy to see him in power or stay in power. But mark my words. It is this 5th column among Reps that is going to destroy us ultimately.

Anonymous said...

Romney's nomination almost gurantees BHO's reelction.

1)Romney is antigun
2)Romney is a serial flip flopper
3)Romney comes across as "slick" and "smarmy"-no one likes him.
4)Romney is a Mormon. As a life long resident of the bilble belt I think that is going to be a problem. "Everything in the bible is literally true" nut jobs view Mormon's as cultists doomed forever to hell. I don't see them voting for a Mormon. And in the south, that's a rather large voting block.
5)All of the above=BHO reelection.

Anonymous said...

With the exception of Nick Brower the rest of these commenter's might as well just vote for BO.
Their self righteous BS will have the same effect.
All 4 of Anonymous's points are true, but he completely misses the big one, Romney isn't BO.
Do you think he will suddenly become pro gun ?
Tom Bogan

Michael Bane said...

I've said before--I will WORK for the nominee, including Mitt Romney if he is the nominee.

I don't want to spend my "Golden Years"--LOL!!!--trying to salvage what's left of America after another 4 years of the current administration. The Supreme Court alone alone is reason you not that the slug Bloomberg won't finance a run on Heller if there's a "friendlier" Court?

I totally agree with Nick about voting one's conscience, and my conscience tells me this is not an election to sit out.


DamDoc said...

Hey, you guys battle it all out in the Primaries... I really do not care who you come up with.. ALL I WANT IS BARRY OUT.. It is not only the Supremes, but Barry is also busy stocking the government itself with folks of his own ilk, and quickly expanding the roles of the cart riders. At 57, I could not disagree more with the notion that this would ever get sorted out in our lifetime. It is well likely already too late, and a reason that the is high on my regular reading list

Once the dust settles, let me know who you all come up with, hopefully in time for the general election!

shawn w said...

as distasteful as it would be to vote for slick mitt, bane has it right. we can't afford to have B/HO nominating any more Sonja's to the bench. romney must pander to his base.
which means nominating conservative justices to the bench.
i happen to support ron paul and for a brief period actually considered sitting this one out if he wasn't on the ballot, but i'll be supporting whatever candidate has an (R) next to his name for the single issue of the court. let's not forget that heller was 5 to 4 folks. there's too much at stake to hold out for the perfect candidate. i made the mistake of sitting the last one out because i didn't care for mccain but i now accept that you sometimes have too accept the lesser of two evils.
stay active on a local level. put good people into your state house and both houses on the federal level. we have the momentum on our side let's not throw it all away over 1 election. i may not get to vote for ron this year but maybe i'll get to vote for rand in the not so distant future. till then anybody but B/HO as a mantra works for me

George said...

The "anyone but Obama" move is dangerous. What we may end up with is another Obama but with a different name and party affiliation. And as far as Obama is concerned he's just a more progressive version of George W. Bush.

As for me, I will never vote for Obama. I will never vote for Romney, Santorum, nor Gingrich. If Ron Paul is not the nominee, I will vote for the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson.

After 2008, I learned the lesson of holding my nose just because they have an R behind their name. And I will not throw my vote away again.

Dave S. said...

"Yes Barry sucks, but as Art Laffer has said, "there is NOTHING that he can do to us that can not be undone."

Have you ever heard of the Supreme Court? Are you aware it's a lifetime appointment?

Dave S. said...

"After 2008, I learned the lesson of holding my nose just because they have an R behind their name. And I will not throw my vote away again."

Congratulations. You managed to say the most illogical thing I've heard all year.

Like me, you held your nose and voted for McCain. Millions of conservative and libertarian purists stayed home or voted third party instead, thus guaranteeing Obama's election. And the lesson you drew from this was that YOU were wrong and YOUR vote was wasted?!? And your solution is to ACTUALLY piss away your vote this time and do what the purists did in 2008 - get elect Obama elected?

Does this really make sense to you?

Dave S. said...

I'm going to keep a Post-It note on my computer with the handles of all of the "screw the Repubs" commenters. And after Barry gets re-elected, and installs more of his judges, and issues more executive orders, and lights more fires under the BATF, I'm going to see if any of you complain. And each time one of you does, I'll just say, "Hey, he's your guy. You worked for his election. Congratulations."

Yeah, it's childish. But so is spitefully pouting when you don't get your own way.

George said...

@Dave S

I should have voted for Ron Paul in 2008, but I voted for Huckabee in the primary. Afterward, I thought my "only rational" choice was to vote for McCain, who I knew was a loser to Obama, but I towed the party line.
I will not do the same thing again this time. What are you going to say when Obama beats Romney?

Dave, you and your ilk, better take a long hard look at how you have been treating Ron Paul supporters and lifelong Republicans (like me) who are looking at third party candidates. I have never seen so much condescension and contempt toward a candidate and their supporters - from the people who call themselves conservatives.

It just might be the case you push people like me to extend our middle fingers to you and your bunch and vote for a third party candidate.

And the last thing is who the hell do you think you are to tell the rest of us how and who to vote for?

You can pound sand now.

Michael Bane said...



nj_larry said...

Recommend to everyone that they rent a great movie from 1966, "A Man For All Seasons". There is this great line from the Sir Thomas More character played by Paul Scofield. Thomas More is being asked to join and go along to get along...

"(Duke of Norfolk) Why can't you do as I did,and come with us, for fellowship?

(Sir Thomas More) And when we die, and you are sent to heaven for doing your conscience...

...and I am sent to hell for not doing mine, will you come with me, for fellowship?"

The Freeholder said...

Sorry, but I've voted on this sort of advice all my life. "Vote for the guy who is the most conservative in the race" is pretty much what it boils down to. And even when it works, what do we get? A George Bush? Or a slightly different and younger George Bush? Both of who were anything but "conservative"?

And I'm supposed to vote for Romney instead of Obama because he's taken a step or two further toward the (mythical) "right"? Really?

Not likely. Not this time. Politics as usual is what has gotten us to this sorry state.

I'm not going third party, I've already went. It may or may not work out any better than an Obama or a Romney presidency, but at this point, I'm not seeing how it will be any worse.

Nick Brower said...

MB is right, you guys gotta take it down a notch. I feel what both of you are saying, I do! I'm actively supporting and have donated my own hard earned dollars to Dr. Ron Paul for his candidacy. I've read the articles trying to prove Mitt's record on guns and it still leaves a sickeningly bad taste in my mouth.

I am not a conservative, a liberal, and definitely not a supporter of the two party paradigm. I'm a constitutionalist which makes me a lot of labels on both sides of it.

As I said, I'm working my ass off to help Dr. Paul be elected the nominee because I believe he has the chance to take down BHO and as more people wrap their heads around his constitutional and conservative concepts he has been sky rocketing in the polls; and a major part of his platform is pro gun and pro sportsman (a perfect record might I add).

But if the cards fall the wrong way for Dr. Paul, I will jump in line and vote against BHO. Period and end of story. I would love to vote for the Libertarian nominee but I believe that the true victory will be that Ron Paul's ideas have taken hold in a lot of youth. Youth that 4 years ago were ready to hand over ever single civil liberty for hope and change. While middle aged conservatives were ready to do the same under Bush in the name of security. When I see so many people supporting the ideas of the constitution and the bill of rights it gives me hope that our society as a hole is making a firm shift BACK towards true conservatism and away from progressivism.

Ideas are bullet proof and if the ideals of the constitution are being sewn then that means by the time I'm too old to get up and haul my bad knees to a constitution rally there will be the younger generation supporting it and all those lovely gun rights that it entails.

seeker_two said... Romney so he can put a Souter or Kennedy on SCOTUS is morally superior HOW?....

Despite the MSM reports, the GOP primaries are far from over....and the SC primary will be a big indicator of who the solid red States will support. If Romney can't win it by a large margin, he won't stand a chance in the main election.

And, no....I will NOT vote for Romney in any election....I'll find a candidate that closest represents my positions....even if Obama gets a second term. I want the GOP to know what they have to do to get my vote back.....

J. Travis said...

The GOP has done it's best to run some of the weakest excuses for president because it was "their turn".

I have been told too many times by the establishment GOP, that I should hold my nose and vote (R) because "we have no choice!"

Oh yes we do.

I fully expect Romney to demand Congress to pass another AWB, and the ball-less Republicans will join the dems "in the spirit of bi-partisanship" to do just that.

Newt became House Speaker because of the Republican Majority WE GUNOWNERS gave him; did he even try to repeal the Brady Act or the AWB? Nope.

It is only a couple years ago he was kanoodling on a couch with Nancy Pelosi proclaiming his fidelity to the Global Warmng scam. He is almost as repugnant as Romney.

Obamacare will not be repealed or thwarted, it will be "managed", and the relentless unsustainable growth of the Federal government will continue.

All this will delay, slightly, (not avert) the coming societal catastrophe which many of us feel is coming.

I fully know what is coming with Obama. Full on civil war.

At least with Obama, It will happen before I get too much older, and I may have a chance to rebuild afterwords.

But In November, when Romney gives his concession speech, all the pundits will rush to blame the electorate who refuse to participate in the scam.

Republican voters have tried for years to
change the inertia of the GOP, but half the abuse we get is from "our own side".

Americans have been buying guns and ammunition in record quantities, for four years. It is not for duck hunting.

Don't blame the weatherman, or the guy with an umbrella, when the storm comes.