Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Perfectly Annoying Thing

Sorry for the blog silence this week...I was out in California finishing up both our SHOOTING GALLERY Celebrity Shoot-Out for the season and the episode with everything you ever wanted to know about how guns make it to television and the movies. I was at the prop house Independent Studio Services and the set of Criminal Minds, which we're using as our centerpiece. 

I had planned to post pictures and updates, but I was stymied by the fact that Apple's upgraded mobile platform iOS5 is a nightmare...the apps that I used to post from the road no longer work, although they've all been "upgraded" to iOS5. The system now crashes repeatedly in my iPhone and my iPad. The guys at Blogsy, my main iPad blogger app, worked with me to get it up and running. I've just downloaded yet another blogging app, supposedly" optimized" for the new operating system. If you start seeing short posts and pictures, you'll know it worked.


DamDoc said...

Jobs dies and everything goes to hell... what do you expect from a company with algore on the board?

dcb3 said...

So much for the 'just works' thing.. and sucki is the word verification?.. appropriate..

Unknown said...

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