Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ramping Up for SHOT...

Monday will be Media Day at the Range, so I'll get a chance to shoot a bunch of stuff...including the new Colt Gatling, that would look so good on my porch!

Is there anything you guys have heard about and want me to try and run down and photograph?????

Then it's hardcore SHOT...we'll be filming for DRTV and all day Tuesday. Marshal and I plan to post a daily wrap-up to DRTV every day. I also plan to do the weekly podcast from the Show floor, but we're having to wing that puppy on the fly.

Thursday night are the Outdoor Channel's Golden Moose Awards, which will be streamed live to the Internet. Strangely enough, I'm nominated in a bunch of categories:

  • Midway USA's GUN STORIES for Best Overall Series
  • Midway USA's GUN STORIES for Best Show Open
  • Midway USA's GUN STORIES for Best Shooting Sports
  • SHOOTING GALLERY for Best Shooting Sports
  • Midway USA's GUN STORIES for Best Educational/Instructional
  • Michael Bane's Video Podcast for Best Online Original Series
  • Midway USA's GUN STORIES as Fan Favorite New Series

I was hoping that I'd get nominated in the Best Turkey category until they told me it was for turkey hunting...who knew? Joe Mantegna and Dan Ramm are coming in for the award ceremonies, which will be a lot of fun. I have now repeatedly promised not to create any international incidents...

Seriously, many many thinks to the many, many people who make all these shows possible...Producers Tim Cremin, Dan Ramm and Joe Mantegna, directors of photography Brandon Green and Rob Stookey for GUN STORIES; Producers John Carter and Mike Long, directors of photography Gene Moffett and Brook Aitken, sound technician Lincoln Terhart and all the other crew for SHOOTING GALLERY (Dan and Joe join us as producers for SG in 2012, BTW...they're handling our "Hollywood office"); Producers Marshal Halloway and Denise Jackson for the video podcast. They are dream teams, and quite frankly the best in the business.

I'm very very lucky...


Pathfinder said...

"I have now repeatedly promised not to create any international incidents..."

Why? Were you likkered up when you made that promise? Or have you become a suit all of a sudden???? :-)

Dave Sohm said...

"Is there anything you guys have heard about and want me to try and run down and photograph?????"

See if you can find and shoot the new Sig 224. I'd like to hear about it.

Linoge said...

If the Caracal guys are there, I would be very interested to see how they are doing.

rastus said...

VLTOR-- B R E N - T E N status.

OK. What up? No Bren Ten is in the pipe from VLTOR. Why?

rastus said...

Forgot one. AR single point slings and revolving attachment points for your buttstock.

Can't find any Magpuls anymore, however I hear they will have a new improved model at SHOT. Please take a look at the sling and Phase 5 buttstock attach point. If there's something would be great to know.

Anonymous said...

Please post pictures of the new Sig 938 ASAP. If this gun really is only slightly larger than the P238 then it will go onto the "must have" list for me.

Uno Mas said...

Anxiously awaiting the rebirth of the Marlin Levers. Can you mousetrap a Remington spokeshole and get the real skinny?

Eric said...

I'm with rastus - where is the Bren Ten?

Anonymous said...

Booth Babes please !!!

Unknown said...

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