Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SHOT Hell...LOL!

As you guys have probably figured, I'm slammed big time here at SHOT. I've been focusing resources on the podcast (complete with coughing fits from talking too much, and DRTV's daily uodates.

So far, I have agreed to purchase a Legacy/Chiappa M1 Carbine in .22 LR, an Air Force pre-charged air rifle and maybe one of the Crosman/Jim Shockey signature air rifles. Shockey sure likes 'em!

No pistol decisions yet! Sig P938 in the running...


Joe in Memphis said...

Any word on civilian sales of AAC's 'Honey Badger' PDW?

Anonymous said...

SR30? what is it? Come on Michael you can tell us.

Michael Bane said...

On the Honey Badger, no joy...on the SR30, you wouldn't believe the REAL story! LOL!


Anonymous said...

To hell with anything plugged by Jim Shocky.

Sig should have a winner with the 938....if it works.

Gunblast is whipping you big time in SHOT reporting.

Sometimes "basic" is best.

Anonymous said...

Bane talking to a FUDD? WTF? They allow FUDDs to the SHOT show? WTF? FUDDs shouldn't be allowed anywhere near true believers in the 2A. No to FUDDness. No to FUDDeristic endorsements. Anything a FUDD likes, sells, endorses, should not be bought by a true 2A believer.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:43,

Shockey is a Fudd? What antigun position has Shockey taken?

I was not aware of Schockey's fuddom....he IS a whore who will apparently sell his endorsement to anyone, no matter how poor the quality of the product.

Michael Bane said...

Shockey isn't a Fudd...he just kills stuff.

In truth, I can't cover SHOT the way I used to. I prided myself on walking every inch of the Show floor, talking to engineers, designers, small manufacturers, new guys. Those days are done. I'm proud of my success, but it has come at a price.

I can tell you what catches my eye, and what I'm willing to buy with my own money, but that's about it.

Every day I read The Firearm Blog, Gun Blast, The Truth About Guns, Cheaper Than Dirt to see what I've missed!! LOL!

mb, seeking 1 more good handgun...