Friday, January 06, 2012

Guns = Business

Here's a great piece, coauthored by our good friend Paul Erhardt, in the giant Daily Caller blog, covering an area we've been surprisingly week in pointing out...that's the "business" side of the gun business, and its implications in the upcoming New Hampshire GOP primary:
Campaigning in liberal San Francisco in 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama was caught ridiculing those “who cling to their guns and religion.” The president’s cavalier attitude toward gun owners could undermine his re-election effort, especially in New Hampshire, where guns mean jobs. 
In New Hampshire, the gun issue isn’t just about the Second Amendment and freedom. More than 2,000 state residents are employed by firearms and defense-related manufacturers, including Sig Sauer (which manufactures the guns used by the Secret Service) and Sturm, Ruger & Company (which reported a 38% increase in sales between the third quarter of 2010 and the third quarter of 2010). Add that to the 1,500 jobs supported by New Hampshire hunters and the 4,000 jobs supported by Granite State sportsmen, and you can see how the firearms issue takes on greater meaning in the state.
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nj_larry said...

Don't delude yourself. 6,000 jobs in NH don't amount to a hill of beans. You think every single one of those workers voted against Barry in 2008? And NH doesn't even dent the 5 MILLION jobs we are in the hole nationally. The gun industry keeps putting out this nonsense about how influential they are. If they were, we wouldn't be in the situation we are in. Great I have CCW but live in the Soviet Union. What a victory !

The anti-gun liberal Romney will take next Tuesdays primary. Then its on to November. It will either be Mitt or Barry then. Resign yourself to a miserable four more years.

This country and the Republican party have not seen the problem yet with big gov't socialism. Just yesterday Barry openly declared war on the military. He will gut it and put us on par with Britain and France. Woopi. He ignores the Constitution and appoints department heads without Congress. Hell, that department is a FOURTH BRANCH of gov't !. It gets all its funding from the Federal Reserve. How f'd up is that? But it hardly gets any coverage. I could go on and on.

Personally I am toying with voting for Barry if the RINOs put Mitt on the ballot. Screw it. I've come to the belief that we need to just break the US. Bring it to its knees with the communist policies. Only then might the populace wake up.

Dave S. said...

"Personally I am toying with voting for Barry if the RINOs put Mitt on the ballot."

That's the attitude that put Barry in office in the first place. How'd that work out for ya? Two Supreme Court justices and four trillion dollars more debt is a hell of a price to pay to send a message.

nj_larry said...

"Two Supreme Court justices and four trillion dollars more debt is a hell of a price to pay to send a message."

Dave at this point I am not interested in sending messages. The time for that is long gone. We are now playing chess.

IMHO we are in the midst of a coup d'├ętat. I am afraid of the consequences if this nation doesn't right itself. My scenario of Mitt vs. Barry presents to me zero alternative. Mitt is a socialist from Mass. Barry is a socialist from Chicago. Mitt won't change anything. You think he is going to nominate Alitto or Roberts dux? That he will close down Federal agencies? That Mitt will PROTECT your gun rights?

If both main parties desert us and play us for fools, why not "break" it as I propose. Hopefully Barry does "fundamentaly change" this country and the people revolt (figuratively). I don't doubt that they have the capacity to take the country back but they aren't sufficently motivated to do so at the moment. Call it tough love.

George said...


I agree with your sentiment. For me, I'm voting for Ron Paul and I will vote third party should Paul not win the nomination.

I believe an Obama win would be preferable to a victory by Newt, Mitt, or Santorum.

Anonymous said...

The vote is any one but Barry O.
While the teaparty takes control of the senate. A republican pres will rubber stamp any bills pass by a repubican congress.

rpm64 said...

Reading all these comments scares the hell out of me. It looks like we gun clingers aren't as unified as we should be. IMHO a vote for Obama or a third party candidate would guarantee an Obama win which would end 2nd amendment rights as we know them. The Republicans may be flawed but the worst of them is better than a liberal Democrat. Pick the best candidate and then stay politically involved to move the party in our direction.

Jeff said...

Well Larry, if you live in NJ it really doesn't matter who you vote for in the Presidential election. The chances of a majority of people in NJ voting for anyone but Obama are slim and none. Your delegates are going to Obama anyway.

The way the Electoral College works, anyone who lives in any state that's dominated by looters and moochers is wasting their time worrying about who they want to vote for.

justbill said...

While I truly appreciate nj_larry's concerns, rpm64's response is the awful, pragmatic truth. Vote for ANY third party and you guarantee an Obama win. Period. This year's crop of Republicans is weak at best but any of them is better than what we have.

DamDoc said...

Well, based on the above, looks like we have alot of folks who will cut off their noses to spite there face... Romney is an NRA life member. Is Barry?.. Sometimes you need to be pragmatic and incremental. You need to inch yourself in the right direction.. Barry out of office will be a big win no matter who takes his place, even a RINO. Barry is the worst disaster this coutry has seen. Dont delude yourself.. Shoot ourselves in the foot and re-electing barry will take it farther from our grasp, not closer... playing chess my ass, you will be on the road to outlawing guns in this country faster than shit slides down the clevis multrum. If you break America, you will never, never get it back. Not in our life time. Go ahead and be foolish. But we all will pay for that kind of stupity. The goal of this election should be Obama OUT, period. You do not have enough support to take it as far as you want, and you will wind up in a world of hurt. Be smart and set reasonable goals.

nj_larry said...

I have more than the 2nd on my mind in thinking like I do. The left does not revolve around the 2nd. It may wind up a Faustian bargain. They might be willing to give on that but take our very souls. I have to live with myself past November. I can't hold my nose like I did last time with that piece of crap McCain.

But in the very narrow arena of the 2nd you have no friend in the Mittster. He will be quite happy to take your guns away. And because of the mechanics of government if the RINOs take both houses it will happen overnite.

Rob Drummond said...

I am with you DamDoc the only focus should be get the bum out period. If he gets in four more the America I...we remember is gone & we are doomed.
Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

Anonymous said...

in regards to "guns = business", all the more reason to make the GCA and the NFA go away. Make, making suppressors like a mom and pop cottage industry. What is being charged now for suppressors is just nuts, and just like full autos, the prices are artificially jacked up because there is a finite or scarce supply.

Dave S. said...

Remember that 5-4 decision on Heller?

Re-elect Obama by voting 3rd party, and those 5-4 decisions start going 4-5. Or 3-6.

We've already lost the chance for two SCOTUS pick-ups. So are you guys hot to be in the minority?

The short-sightedness utterly stuns me. You do know such a thing as the Supreme Court exists, right? And that presidents pick judges, right? And that judges die and retire, right?

All you purists who sat out 2008 must just love Sotamayor and Kagan. Hell, you elected them. Congratulations. Going for thirds now?

George said...

For those critical of a third party vote, allow me to remind you it was Republican George H. W. Bush who appointed David Souter to the Supreme Court. Granted he also appointed Clearance Thomas, but my point is just because they have an R after their name doesn't necessarily mean a thing. Do you know who appointed Harry Blackmun? Try Richard Nixon (R). John Paul Stevens - Gerald Ford (R).

So let's just stop with all of the fear-mongering and demagoguing about voting third party.

Dave S. said...

Yep, Thomas was Poppy's pick. And Alito and Roberts were picked by Dubya. Reagan gave us Scalia and Kennedy.

On the liberal front, Clinton and Obama gave us Ginsberg, Breyer, Sotomayor and Kagan.

Hey, look - there's Heller right there! And a bunch of other 5 -4 decisions!

Thanks for proving my point. Yeah, there have been a few nasty surprises. Would you bet on those exceptions in Vegas? No. But you'll foolishly gamble with the Supreme Court.

If you didn't hold your nose and vote for McCain in 2008, you voted for Obama, Kagan and Sotomayor. The same holds for 2012. It's not fear-mongering (and it's certainly not demagoguing, since that isn't even definitionally applicable to what we're talking about). It's reality. I'm sorry if that's uncomfortable, but reality often is.

Anonymous said...

Let's get the facts straight about Chairman Mitt. For those with an open mind give this a read then ponder the outcome of his Presidency.

Anonymous said...

David Codrea who helped break the Fast & Furious scandal wide open has posted an article on Mr. Mitt Romney and his gun control history. Read this and then wonder how fast the AWB is going to be re-instated. All the pretty black guns are going to go bye bye.