Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Things are going very well in the first filming session for GUN STORIES/RAPID FIRE, which you'll all see 4th Quarter this year. Think al machine-guns all the time, hosted by Iain Harrison and Mike Seeklander. Mike is, of course, one of our cohorts for THE BEST DEFENSE. You've seen Iain on SHOOTING GALLERY last season, but he's best known as the winner of the first TOP SHOT....parenthetically, Mike was the first person to be "voted off the island," so to speak, on that inaugural season...but don't worry, there's nooooooooooooo competition going on between those 2! LOL!

RAPID FIRE is something of a departure for me and my producing partner, Tim Cremin. We conceived the series over dinner one night with Larry Potterfield in Columbia, MO, then carried it through to the green light phase. We tapped Iain and Mike to host; a lot of the creative direction of the show initially came from Mike, and was then refined by Iain and Mike. John Carter of Hatch Entertainment, who produces SHOOTING GALERY and produced the late, deeply lamented COWBOYS, came on-board as Producer and did the heavy lifting on actually structuring the show and putting together the production plan, with SG/COWBOYS/GUN STORIES vet Gene Moffett as Director of Photography.

In other words, the show was developed more like a "real" television series rather than our usual "crash and burn" theory of management...frightening to think that maybe all those trips to Hollywood are starting to rub off on Tim and I! LOL!

So I'm in much more of a "traditional" Executive Producer position on RAPID FIRE, allowing me far more time to worry about ELITE TACTICAL UNIT, with principal filming beginning later this summer!

Don't tell anybody, but I still have a week of practice blocked off the the Colorado state cowboy action shooting championships, too! I plan to call in sick on everything else!


Retired Rick said...

You have a great ability for getting the right people together to do some really cool stuff. I also appreciate your insight to the whole Gun Culture. Fun and educational.

George said...

I eagerly await this series. I am really hoping it not only entertains, but enlightens people about select-fire weapons. There is so much mystery and unadulterated BS about ownership of these weapons. I am particularly dismayed by LEO and military who think civilians should not own them for one reason or another.

Hopefully, Rapid Fire will show responsible ownership of these weapons is routinely carried out by average, everyday folk; people just like me.

-George Cook

Pathfinder said...

FTB: "frightening to think that maybe all those trips to Hollywood are starting to rub off on Tim and I!"

That's "Tim and me". Yes, I am a grammar Nazi. Deal with it! < G >

And does this mean that Hollyweird rubbing off on you means you two are coming out????? ;)

nj_larry said...

I hear the music playing. I see the Sunshine again. I have hope! Oh joyous day!!!....Sen Lugar goes down in flames tonite. One less anti-gun/liberal fool who helped move America closer to ruin.

rastus said...

I know where this is.

Leave the brass please.