Friday, May 11, 2012

A Few More Pixs from RAPID FIRE

Here are a few more pixs from the first week of principal photography on RAPID FIRE. Next week, we're going to come close to wrapping Season 2 of GUN STORIES, so we'll have some pixs from that as well

That's Seeklander on a KRISS, obviously.

Iain on the GE Minigun, the ideal home defense weapon!

Mutual admiration society...LOL!

Iain with the "primitive" Thompson! You know, the more we work with Thompsons, the better the gun seems. That slow rate of fire is a huge bonus, making it easy to get off the trigger after one shot. Years and years ago I wrote a story for a police magazine suggesting that instead of scrapping the pump shotgun for the M-4, agencies should think of digging up all those ancient Thompsons languishing in police armories and issue them to the troops, especially in urban areas My rational was:
1)  They're easy to shoot in both full auto and semi.
2) Yes they're heavy, but cops don't exactly tote their long guns through the desert (or dessert, for that matter).
3) The .45 ACP round is what it is (and I suggested this might lead to a return to the .45 in handgun selection).
4) The "Tommy Gun" is one of the most recognizable firearm silhouettes in the world.
I wasn't crazy then...

Imagine a modernized Thompson SBR, with the lighter aluminum receiver and synthetic furniture, an Aimpoint, a light/laser and a suppressor. Be a nattily little home defense/LEO gun, wouldn't it? Oh wait, did I just describe a KRISS? Or this:

Joyce Rubino at Colt moved heaven, earth and a few small planets to get us one of their wonderful Bulldog Gatlings...thanks, Joyce! If I had $40-50K buying a hole in my pocket, one of these guys would be sitting in my office right now.


nj_larry said...

Gotta ask the a Bulldog considered an NFA Class III weapon? It isn't exactly a full auto with the firing mechanism it has right?

Michael Bane said...

Nope...the Bulldog is just a bunch of single shot 45/70 rifles going round and round and round and round...


Overload in Colorado said...

A tactical Thompson? Something like this:

Yes, the Red Jacket guys did a Thompson with a quad rail.

I don't remember seeing this on the show.

Anonymous said...

You guys picked up all the brass. I asked ya'll to leave it !!!

A guy can't catch a break, eh?

Darrell said...

American 180 ftw.

Steve T. said...

How about an MGI Hydra in .45 acp that takes Glock 21 .45 magazines? The Hydra has the .45 capability of the Thompson in an AR-15 platform! Neato!

Beaumont said...

Auto-Ordnance has already made aluminum-receiver Thompsons. Stick on some Magpul furniture and rails & they probably wouldn't be able to keep up with demand.

Michael Bane said...

Beaumont, you're probably right...especially if they could make a version that still looked "classic Thompson..."


Anonymous said...

When can we expect to see Rapid Fire on the Outdoor Channel?