Friday, May 04, 2012

Good Filming Day...

...yesterday. We even had enough time and ammo left to spend the rest of the afternoon...shooting. There's a surprise. Cory Trapp hauled out his BAR and his wife Paula's AUG, which he added to the already big stack that included a couple of Thompsons, a mixed lot of AKs, a Galil (I like Galils), a Garand, etc. A good time was had by all!

As per yesterday's comment question! I do tend to be more conservative on gun choice for an appendix carry...I like either a long DA trigger pull, a la a revolver, or a manual safety. YMMV, but keep your finger off the trigger when you reholster! On reholstering a pocket pistol, I generally transfer the pistol to the off hand, remove the pocket holster from its pocket with my strong hand, slip the gun into the holster, then place the gun and holster back into my pocket.

Interesting that the industry is forming a new point-of-contact organization, Armed Citizen Alliance, for new CCW holders... This from the Shooting Wire this AM:

The first mission is to provide our overall concealed-carry and personal defense community and industry with an organization and a program to which personal-defense firearms customers can turn as their “first-contact” point for practice and familiarization.  The ACA enables the entire concealed-carry community to be pro-active on the issueof practice, preparation, and training.

On its face, certainly seems like a good idea.

Got the first filming for RAPID FIRE next week! Be fun working with Iain Harrison & Seeklander on that! Will be posting pixs as we make vast amounts if ammo disappear!


Mike said...

"Got the first filming for RAPID FIRE next week! Be fun working with Iain Harrison & Seeklander on that! Will be posting pixs as we make vast amounts if ammo disappear!"

Ah HA! You are the source of the ammo shortage! In more ways than this I am sure :).

nj_larry said...

Let me give you context for this rantlet. I just finished reading how the NSSF is going out of their way to screw gun owners by caving in on the requirement for "mental health" records to be examined in our NICS check (veterans kiss your 2A rights goodbye). NSSF is an industry group not our 2A group. Make it easy for the industry, not citizens maintaining or gaining back their god given rights.

So up comes your link to this ACA. Great. You see I actually read the mission document. Come on now Michael, its another Billy Mays infomercial to make some money off of gun owners. Sponsors, ranges, memberships, only adults (with money), coupons? And guess who is on the Board? The NSSF and Hornady.

We gun owners need to do some critical thinking when we read thru the magazines, tv ads and yes shows. We need to start sorting out who is with us because they are true to the cause, and who wants to make money off of us.

Michael Bane said...

I'm withholding judgement on the ACA...can't say I'm very impressed with some of their initial comments...


Anonymous said...

Nature abhors a vacuum. When IPSC went astray from it's roots of being practical, IDPA was born. When IDPA went astray from it's roots of being "defensive) ACA was born. I actually love the idea, and think it will succeed wildly. This is for first time gun owners, and we all know how many of them there are out there. I have already joined.

Marty Hayes

Pathfinder said...

I love Galils too. Only problem is, they ding the crap out of the brass on ejection, and for all of us folks who have to earn an income and then spend $$$$$, that matters!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Michael

Say hi to Iain and Mike for me.


Rastus said...

OK. What's the skinny on Hornady. I'm not aware of his "politics". It is a mistake to think that all "gun people" have their head screwed on right, so...enlighten those of us who may not be in the know of such things

Here's from the ACA site:

ACA Board of Directors
ACA Officers
Steve Hornady / Chairman
Todd Jarrett
P.R. Metcalf
Mark Sidelinger
Jason Teague
Todd Jarrett / President
P.R. Metcalf / Executive Vice President
Kathy S. Lumley / Chief Financial Officer

Steve Sanetti
President & CEO
National Shooting Sports Foundation

Ken Jorgensen
Director of Media Relations
Sturm, Ruger & Company

Jim Shepherd
Editor & Publisher
The Outdoor Wires Mark Kresser
President & CEO
Taurus USA

Tom Taylor
Vice President
O.F. Mossberg & Sons

Joyce Rubino
Vice President & CFO
Colt Firearms Paul Pluff
Director of Marketing Services
Smith & Wesson

Ray Hirst
RangeMaster Instructor

Bud Fini
Vice President
Sig Sauer Roy Huntington
Publisher & Editor
American HandGunner

Bruce Piatt
NRA National Action-Pistol Champion

Dwight Van Brunt
Vice President

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