Thursday, May 03, 2012

Push Day

We've got a lot of complicated set-ups this AM with the 1919 Browning, the MG-42, the AK and several other buzz guns. Yesterday went smoothly...working with Joe is hopefully today will roll along on rails.

Interesting piece on the appendix carry on When the Balloon Goes Up. I often use appendix carry with a snub revolver, which is ideal suited for such positioning. BTW, just a mention for people who came in late, a gun in a holster is defined as safe! People who talk about "sweeping" themselves or other people with a holstered gun have a basic lack of understanding of fundamental gun-handling. The caveat is that everyone needs good holsters...that's why people who have been doing this for a while have the "box-o-holsters" in the basement...the stuff thatndidn't work. The key point is that once the gun is in the holster, it is the same as a rifle placed into a is out of play.

Another caveat that comes to mind on holster selection is to understand the difference between a holster designed exclusively for completion and one designed for day-in-day-out carry. yes, there's a lot of overlap, especially in IDPA, but you do need to pay attention in your choices

And finally, darn it, be CAREFUL reholstering! There is no such thing as a "speed reholster." This is maybe the worst habit you can pick up from competition (and certainly no competition encourages this, but it is an easy habit to fall into, especially because in most of the practical sports your gun is cleared on the line and you reholster empty...this can lead to a casualness In reloading).

Regardless of the position of your holster, the moment of reholstering is a critical point...the point we see maybe the most negligent discharges. Reholstering is a good time to engage your brain! You finger is off the trigger, right? Ideally, you're standing up. If it's a pocket holster, you're going to remove the holster from your pocket, put the little gun in the holster, them put the holster back in your pocket, right? The gun is slowly and attentively placed back in the holster. If I need to glance at the holster, I will, but avoid the bad habit of having the off-hand involved in any way (steadying the holster, holding the holster open, whatever). You don't want holes in your off-side hand, right!


Drifter said...

I feel the same way, and I have had the same argument about an M-9 open carried in a horizontal shoulder holster.

I see the validity in your last paragraph, but I'm trying to figure out how you perform a one-handed reholster with a pocket holster outside the pocket. :)

Also, I've heard you say you would NOT carry a Glock appendix carry. Care to expound?

Anonymous said...

I pocket carry a Glock 26 in a kydex holster. I can re-holster with one hand. You have to have right-sized pockets.


Anonymous said...

I think you might need to consider that on a can vs should basis

Anonymous said...

You should re-holster with one hand if you can...and do it safely.