Monday, July 30, 2012

Antigun Wars Start Heating Up

If they want eternal war, well and good; we accept the issue, and will dispossess them and put our friends in their place. 
— William Tecumseh Sherman

I remember a couple of years ago I was taken to task on the weekly DOWN RANGE Radio podcast because I kept referring to antigun zealots as "enemies." I was told they were simply our countrymen with different views, and I thought that argument had some merit. Luckily, I took a few deep breaths with my head between my legs and got over it.

Any and every person who wants to strip me of any fundamental right, especially those rights guaranteed by our Constitution, is not a fellow countryman with a different opinion...rather, they are blood enemies.

And our blood enemies have been busy little beavers lately, hoping to capitalize on the Aurora theater massacre. The newest proposed legislation, introduced by the reprehensible Charles Schumer and Carolyn McCarthy, seeks to:
 “...make it harder for criminals to anonymously stockpile ammunition through the Internet.”
That goes along with the Schumer/Lautenberg amendment to the cybersecurity bill that would ban normal capacity magazines.

I don't think either of these ridiculous pieces of...hmmmmmm....legislation have a chance of passing, but we've got to be vigilant and willing to go to all-in political war on a moment's notice. Dancing in the blood of Aurora victims gives these vile excuses of humanity their best shot in a decade of slipping through legislation.  And speaking of vile excuses for a human being, beware of our "friends" like Bill O'Reilly...I've noted for a long time that O'Reilly is at his very core an antigun zealot...his call for "registration of heavy weapons" and ammunition regulation surely nail that position down.


Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Orwell:"If you want to see the future of the gun ban movement-imagine the booted foot of American gun owners stamping on it's face-forever."

"gunner" said...

in my several years on the internet i've seen all too much of what the anti-gun mob call us, and it gets pretty foul. they most certainly think of us as enemies, and would be happy to literally dance on out graves. since that it of their choosing we need to offer no quarter and take no prisoners.

Frank W. James said...

O'Reilly is one of the biggest frauds in mainstream television and no more a 'conservative' than I am an urbanite. For Fox to use him as an titular talking head for the 'conservative moment' is yet another crime from the MSM types.

Screw 'em and the horse he rode in on...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

George said...

Bill O'reily let the cat out of the bag. He showed his ignorance of guns and his true feelings. He is no more an advocate for the gun owner than all the rest of the mainstream media. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Makes you wonder what other topics he is bull shitting us about. He has no credibility not to mention being an obnoxious lout. I quit watching him.
In gun rights I stand,

George Harris

Frank said...

I think O'Reilly is right on the heavy weapons.

Howitzers and the like should be registered.

Kristophr said...

Frank: Nukes, yes. Nerve gas, yes. Biological weapons, yes.

But not anything else.

Howitzers were not registered until 1968.

Here is a picture of a pre-1968 advert borrowed from Weerd's blog.

Post evidence of pre-1968 howitzer crime, or shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

I demand fire arms registration !
If it needs a trailer hitch, I demand that it have a trailer plate !

Tom B.

Anonymous said...

Bill O'Reilly is nothing more than an entertainer. He needs to create a buzz, a reason for people to watch the show. Without the controversay that he stirs up, he will see his audience steadily drain. His heyday was long ago, and he needs to constantly add blood to the water to keep attracting interest in the show. He did the same thing with the immigration issue. Initially, he had more of the attitude of George W. Bush, favoring legal paths of immigration and citizenship and then when that line of "thought" stirred up enough interest in the show again, he quickly migrated to the "keep those bastages out of here at all costs" line of "thought." but it is all scripted for Bill O'Rielly and I doubt he personally thinks much of the stuff he espouses. Like Bob Dylan playing to the masses, O'Rielly is playing a role, playing to his crowd and trying to make a living as an entertainer. Those who mistake him for a "journalist" -- whatever that is -- are just fooling themselves. He can damage our cause, in many ways, but my point is that he is no different than any other hollywood entertainer who is out there saying stuff. Some folks go goo-goo for everything the guy says, and in the end he is just the entertainer playing a role and reading a carefully written script.

Ron said...

It never ceases to amaze me that most of the gum floppers, O'Reilly included would not know the first thing about firearms or self defense. Unless you have a knowledge base to work from your opinion carries no merit with me. As far as politicians,,,,well I think they are seeking votes.

Very little to do with firearms is taken at face value any more. Everybody puts spin on the subject somehow.Spin leads to a greater level of misunderstanding & confusion.

The polls seem to show that John Q. Public is not supporting any more bogus firearms legislation. Can we believe such?

Anonymous said...

I'll second, third and fourth the "O'Reilly" comments. I'll also add that he also appears to be an anti-capitalist. He has advocated more government controls on the investment industry, a.k.a.-"Wall Street", stating that "you know it's all rigged!" He has also accused the Commodities Exchange, where "Futures" trading is conducted as manipulating and setting gasoline prices and more controls need to be added there too. IN EITHER CASE, COULD HE EVER GIVE AN ACTUAL EXAMPLE WHERE THIS IS TAKING PLACE! If he did, it would lead to prosecutuon, since that would all be illegal by the laws currently on the books.

Now "King Bill", as Dr. Keith Ablow, M. D. and Fox News contributor recently labeled him, is labeling his critics as "liars". He said that again on yesterday's show. I'll remind "Bully-Bill" of an important axiom: "The climb up the ladder of success often only leads to a high place to fall from". He had a near slip at least twice in my viewership time. Once when he was accused of sexual harrassment and the second when everyone seemed to be piling on him and his delusions of grandeur seemed to be leading him to an on-air meltdown. I don't think that it will take a lot for him to do his final "slip", as he continues to give out false information (I'll cite his ignorance of gun laws as a current example.) and tries to make fiction fact by bullying his way through.

As far as "Fair and Balanced" is concerned? Half-way between right and wrong is still WRONG! You can line up as many idiots on one side of a subject and put them against those that are simply correct, but you will not find truth somewhere between them. Truth is truth and being correct will always be correct. Being correct is not a "belief system".

If Fox News wants to move up to the next tier of success, they should offer purely fact-based reporting and stop spewing commentary. If they do that, America will clammer to watch.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

Congressman John Conyers (D), Detroit, Announced yesterday, that he will re-submit the "Ban on Assault Weapons" Bill into Congress. He also has a co-sponsor, also a Democrat. It looks like "Aurora" has done for the anti-gun people, what "Fast and Furious" was supposed to do.

In all cases, including "O'Reilly's proposals, I ask the simple question: If we enact what you advocate, how would that have prevented the massacre? If the shooter didn't have access to guns at all, how about his bombs? Why isn't anyone looking at that? Is it because if banning anything is the solution, we would have also ban household products and therefore you know that banning anything isn't the solution?

Life Member

Unknown said...

If you want to know what O'Reilly's ultimate view on guns are think of who his big boss is. Newscorp and Bloomberg are cut from the same cloth and will use this issue to conduct class warfare by dividing and conquering. As they say let them eat cake and with the MSM circus they will distract us. So while the they have the security forces to protect themselves , in the real world of my crackridden, methhead trailer park I will continue to train and feed my mastiffs, acquire ammo and supplies over the internet and clean my guns after training. MOLON LABE

nj_larry said...

If anyone has a scintilla of doubt. That we are in fact fighting for our lives in this battle over our natural rights, then read this article.

From today's NYTimes, it shows what has happened across the pond. Retelling the story of England, which once ruled the world, honored men of substance, where free men walked its streets, only recently descended into slavery and weakness. But descend it did of its own free will. We need to retell this lesson from generation unto generation. As long as the rivers shall run and the grass shall grow. Let it never be forgotten.

It tells the story of the few, the very few who dare to compete in the Olympics for their native country in pistol shooting. I guarantee that you will either cry or scream by the end of the article. This friends is the alternative we face.

rastus said...

Oreally (intentionally mispelled) is a slick perpetuation of a RINO. He has a few good points that are more than outweighed by the bad. It took less than a month or so to discard him as the real deal. He draws the line on child abuse which is great...other things he claims to draw a line but dances with the opposition for what I suspect is the all powerful ratings to make a buck.

Just my 3 or 4 cents worth.

Anonymous said...

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