Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Narrative

I'm watching the liberal and MSM (but I'm redundant) narrative writhe and shift as it becomes obvious that the "national debate" on gun control is a non-starter. Doesn't mean we don't have a potential feces hurricane, but we've been through this before. What I've been seeing over the last day or so is a shift in the attack from the guns to " large amounts" of ammunition purchased over the Internet.

I think the spinners for Brady and VPC realize if they go hard at "assault weapons" sooner or later the MSM is going to have to point out that the AR platform is the most popular and best-selling rifle in America. And unlike 1993, when ARs and other black rifles, were relatively rare, they're now as common as 10/22s. It's one thing to demonize guns that most people have only seen in war movies, a different thing when you're talking about a gun in widespread circulation. Sales of the AR platform guns has been staggering in the last few years. The big AR makers are still hugely back ordered already...in short, the AR has become more than any other gun in the last 50, heck, maybe 100 years "America's gun." In 1993, the antigun politicians were able to essentially divide and conquer...essentially, the mainstream of gun owners weren't willing to go to the mattresses for something they weren't familiar with. That is exactly opposite of the situation today. We are on the same page, all of us.

Interestingly enough, I've seem some wire reports saying that B-HO himself may be planning a speech on guns. Cool. It's an election year, and the Republican line is going to hold. At least until November. 


Anonymous said...

The gun control debate, like the "global warming" debate, is over, Colorado gun sales up 41% since last Friday.
Only a few, potentially dangerous, deluded fools (also known as Democrats) continue to beat this dead and decayed horse.
Tom B.

Larry C. said...

I always cringe when I hear the word "Liberal", meaning Democrat. I live in downstate Illinois (yes the worse state in the union)and most all downstate Democrat politicians are pro 2nd amendment. They have to be to get/stay elected. I have been a middle of the road Democrat all my life and I also own all the guns used in the Colorado shooting. Education always works better than name calling.

"gunner" said...

i'll have to agree with larry, though i'm a conservative dating back to goldwater '64. while we may not be able to move the die hard hoplophobes education is the key to the average non gun person's thinking. it's pretty evident by now that gun control, and "gun free zones" don't work, except to provide a target rich environment to a would be mass killer. emily miller of the washington times had the right idea, she took a washington d.c. out to the range too shoot. he wound up with a big grin on his face, enjoying it. he may not end up becoming a "gun guy" but he has an idea who we are and where we're coming from now, and might be willing to listen to our side.

"gunner" said...

add correction:
"a washington d.c city councilman"

bigdrumdaddy said...

It was sad - and disturbing (though not surprising) - to watch Bill O'Reilly last night as he bloviated about the CO gunman ordering 60,000 rounds (!) of ammo without anyone taking notice or being notified - never mind that he'd increased the actual number by a factor of TEN. And then to go on to call for an accounting of all "large" weapons "like AK-47s and bazookas and machine guns" to be reported to the FBI so they could follow up on the buyers. Way to go Bill!!

His ignorance was astounding - and his argument with Dr. Keith Ablow, who attempted to correct him - a waste of time, space & electricity.
And while Mr. Bill has often "misspoke" about gun issues, he REALLY made an arse of himself this time - which I'm certain the MSM will put to good use, saying that even "The Great One" is in agreement with them.

Fortunately, O'Reilly's stance on "global warming" is about as well thought out - and recieved just as poorly by both sides of the political spectrum. Just one more nail in Fox News' champion's coffin as he looks more like the clowns he's so fond of deriding every day - and his credibility sinks to new lows.

But I digress. While I agree that we seem to be in control gentlemen - November looms large, and regardless of the MSM (or O'Reilly) it's THAT final opinion that will make us or break us. Or fan the flames even higher. And the summer has been all too hot here in Colorado already.

Ron said...

To those who say the gun control debate is over, I suggest we hold off a bit before we start throwing babies up in the air. Remember gang, we still have a UN vote coming. This UN vote could have a much larger impact than any gun grabber group I fear.

Anonymous said...

The debate is over, Americans have made that pretty clear by setting new sales and CCW records every month for over 3 years.
That doesn't mean the Dems, and other Marxists in the media,and academia, won't try to push bills through as with the wildly unpopular "Obamacare" through stealth and chicanery.
It just means that every sane American will know they are full of crap as they do so.
Tom B

Obiwan said...

I heard O'Reilly going nuts on the subject. He blows in the wind like a wind sock. I don't trust him.

Interestingly, on Hannity last night there was a liberal female named "Holder" who kept trying to spin Hannity's question about automatically pointing to the Tea Party and talk radio to blame. Her spin was about not blaming guns! She actually came across as neutral to pro regarding gun/ammo availability! Too bad Hannity didn't follow up on that.

Ruby said...

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