Sunday, July 01, 2012

Home from HELL...

...ON WHEELS, the cowboy regional in Cheyenne hosted by the Cheyenne Regulators. What a great match! Our posse (which is cowboy for squad) included Marshal Halloway, the ever-lovely Marshal'ette, Tame Bill (my old pal Stuart Barber, who ran the Kansas Indoor IPSC Championships back in the days when we were all young and thought we'd be the Next Big Thing), Indiana Jackson and a host of other miscreants. The match was extremely well-designed, the props excellent, even the weather held!

Every so often (and sometimes it seems like those "oftens" get farther and farther apart!) a match just comes together. I shot 12 stages with 2 very minor mistakes — a slightly juggled shotgun reload that cost me maybe a second and a minor "brain malfunction" on target order that cost me another second. Otherwise, I absolutely shot up to my skill level...regardless of where I finish in the rankings, that is simply as good as I could shoot for those 2 days!

I knew I was doing well because I didn't feel like I was going fast...I saw the sights (when I needed to see them) and squeezed the trigger...and yes, on some of those close-up cowboy targets I just point-shot them. The shotgun reloads all fell right into place and the transitions worked. Darn, that felt good!


Painted Filly said...

Wolf, Did not get to talk to you and Indianna. Saw you. Congrats o both of you. I was a great Match.

Anonymous said...

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